Cheap smartphone will be released!
Sony Mobile Co., Ltd. announced that it will release an Android smartphone “Xperia 8 Lite,” which is a low-priced Android smartphone with a retail price of around 30,000 yen .
Currently, mobile terminals are often priced at 50,000 yen to 70,000 yen at stores, and smartphones with prices close to half the price will appear.
It will go on sale from September 1st, and the actual price will be open price.

Low-priced version of “Xperia 8”
The “Xperia 8 Lite” has almost the same specifications as the “Xperia 8” released in October 2019, and is a so-called “cheap version”.
However, they are not exactly the same, and they do not have the “DSEE HX” function that converts compressed sound sources such as CDs, MP3s, and AACs into high-resolution sound sources equivalent to high resolution. Also, “Xperia 8” has 4 colors (white, black, orange, blue), but “Lite” has only 2 colors (white, black).
It will be released mainly by MVNO operators such as mineo and nuro mobile, and it will be possible to use it as a so-called “cheap smartphone” “cheap SIM” (“Xperia 8” is from au, UQ mobile, Y! mobile Released).

Features of “Xperia 8 Lite”
-Approximately 6.0 inches, 21:9 large screen
Ideal for watching videos on a fairly large screen.
Also, two screens can be displayed simultaneously, and two apps can be displayed on the screen at the same time.

・High-performance camera It
also has an optical 2x zoom function that makes the background blurry to make the subject stand out and allows you to take beautiful pictures of distant subjects.

・Reliable usability Every
smartphone user cares about, and even if the battery is used for 2 years, there is no deterioration. The high-speed CPU makes operation easy.
The price is very affordable, but the performance is also very good for mobile.
Both models are recommended for those who want.
Detailed information of “Xperia 8 Lite”
[Name] Xperia 8 Lite
[Release] September 1, 2020
[Carrier] IIJmio mineo nuro Mobile
[Storage] 64GB
[Memory] 4GB
[Size] 158mm x 69mm x 8.1mm
[Weight] 170g
[Color] Black/White