Thomas Gajemaga

Born in Nara Prefecture 1986 (32 years old)




Graduated from a certain national university

Worked at Kasumigaseki as a civil servant,
then changed jobs to an IT company, but retired

Currently, I am trying to go around Japan while running a blog.

According to him, he is a regrettable person who is extremely shy and shy and has a slightly distorted personality.

Retirement and present

In order to get his own hand that other people do not have,
he wrote a blog that introduces gadgets by referring to various blogs as a side job while he is in various workplaces .
And now I’m retiring and aiming to go around Japan as a traveling blogger

Meeting three people

Thomas Gajemaga says he was influenced by three people in his life.
・ A player I met in an internet game ・ A
store manager of a certain clothing store
・ A senior in another department when I was an IT company Although the
above three people were completely different types, he had something in common.
It means “freedom”.
He was taught by three people that he could live freely, not just to put up with it, and he
prepared for independence.

Beginning around Japan

Currently, he departs from Tokyo, travels around Hokkaido and conquers eastern Japan, and he says that he is not suitable for traveling, but
he has not neglected preparations to accomplish it because of his own project.
After resting for a while, he will leave for western Japan.


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