If you walk a little from the south exit of Kunitachi Station in Tokyo, you will see a lot of greenery and many buildings that make you feel the history and atmosphere. Hitotsubashi University is a prestigious university that has produced managers and politicians.
It is said that there is a game called “Bashijo!”, A romance simulation game (hereinafter referred to as “galge”) set in such a prestigious Hitotsubashi University.

It was an email from the author, tomo, that gave me the opportunity to learn about “Bashijo!”. “There is a gal game set in Hitotsubashi University, so I want you to cover it.” When I actually played it, I got the impression that “What is this cheap quality, and the characters are different depending on the difficulty level (laughs)”. However, I’d like to hear about the reason why I made a gal game at Hitotsubashi University, and I’m wondering what kind of person is making it …
It can’t be helped because I’m curious! So I decided to actually go to the interview.

A gal game from Hitotsubashi University, “Bashijo!”

When I was waiting in front of the east gate of Hitotsubashi University, which was the meeting place, a person who came with a T-shirt with the “Kouenji” box logo appeared. He was tomo, the author of “Bashijo!”. Another author, Salad, also joined us, and we were asked to interview them.

–– How did you come up with “Bashijo!”?

tomo: “We belong to a circle called” Hitotsubashi University Advertising Study Group HASC “, but that circle does not have a specific activity, but the concept is” let’s do what we want to do “. At the Advertising Study Group, I will present the project I want to do at the beginning of the semester in the circle, and when the number of people gathers for that project, it will be completed as a project. “Bashijo!” Was proposed by me last September. It is a project that was actually made into a game. ”

Mr. Salad: “When Mr. tomo made a presentation, most of the romance simulation games were fiction, but I thought that the concept of tracing the actual university life might not have been possible until now, so I participated because it seems interesting. (Lol)”

– – What does it mean to trace the actual college life?

tomo: “At Hitotsubashi University, the period from enrollment in April to the KODAIRA festival, which is a school festival mainly for new students in June, is called the” new festive season. ” There are various events, and it’s a time when couples can or cannot be formed like this. By the way, I call it Shinjo Magic. People around us who couldn’t experience such Shinjo Magic At most, I thought it would be interesting to make a game that would allow me to relive this, so the content will follow the actual school events. ”
” But when making and announcing the game I thought that I couldn’t compete with high quality, so I decided to compete with “low quality”. Of course, it was a problem of our capacity that the development after entering the bad end was sudden and messy, and the mob character was “Irasutoya”, but more than that, the quality was low “while making a story”. The aim was to have you enjoy. So to speak, it is a branding called “low quality”. ”

– – What was the hardest part of making your first game?

tomo: “The game production itself used a free romance simulation builder, so it was easy except that I needed a little knowledge of JAVA.”

Salad: “The point I put the most effort into was how to make it interesting, but it wasn’t that hard because everyone enjoyed making it, wasn’t it?”

tomo: “I have a Twitter account for’Bashijo!’, And although it’s nice to announce that’Bashijo!’The first release on Christmas Eve last year, my scheduling is not so good. It wasn’t completed until December 20th (laughs) because the scenario itself was completed, but I was too particular about the fun of the options, and everyone said that it was good. Then, there were only 4 days left until the release. I made those 4 days really desperately. ”

– – Please tell us the highlights of “Bashijo!”.

tomo: “The game can be selected from” easy mode “and” hard mode “, but Bashijo! Is not just a difficulty selection. This is the part that was initially recommended from the time of presentation, but in reality you Yes in the content in line with. ”
” Come to think of it in line with the reality, “Easy mode” is popular among people, “hard mode” is not Mote people. so, the hero of the game is different depending on the mode. As for the setting, those who are popular in “Easy Mode” are from coeducation, and those who are not popular in “Hard Mode” are from boys’ school. ”

Salad: “By the way, we are both from a boys’ school. Moreover, for 6 years in middle and high school, I wrote the script for” Hard Mode “, but I thought it was my alter ego (laughs). I’m self-projecting, so I hope there are people who can sympathize with me. ”

tomo: “Since I wrote the script for’Easy Mode’, 90% is a delusion (laughs).”

–– What kind of people would you like to play “Bashijo!”?

tomo: “Of course, anyone can do it, but for example, if you can play with high school students or people who have just entered university, you will understand what a university is like. I hope that you will be interested in Hitotsubashi University, and that those who have graduated from university will feel nostalgic. ”

– – When is the next work of “Bashijo!”?

tomo: “We announced” Easy Mode “on Eve last Christmas, and announced” Hard Mode “in April of this year. There was some response, such as 1300 retweets. Details are still undecided, but I am considering the next work, so I hope you can look forward to it. ”

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