“Ioros Robot” presentation

Aeolus Robotics (CEO: Alexander Huang, hereafter “Aioros Robotics”) based in San Francisco, USA, will announce the AI-equipped human support robot “Aiolos Robot” on December 11, 2018. went.

CEO Alexander Juan (left) and Chairman Etsuaki Morikawa (right) of the Elderly Housing Management Liaison Council

The Iolos robot is equipped with a high-performance “AI vision sensor” that can grab and carry any object, and has “advanced object detection capability”, “spatial recognition function”, and “biological signal detection function” to enable human face and posture. Can be detected and recognized in detail.
Taking full advantage of its characteristics, we aim to support the work of caregivers, such as monitoring the inside of nursing care facilities and transporting daily necessities.

Iolos robots are equipped with AI and machine learning functions, so the more they are used, the smarter they become, and the learning content can be shared with multiple robots on the cloud.
In addition, by installing a “vision sensor”, malfunctions such as equipment failures and monitoring inside the facility such as “watching” and “safety monitoring” are performed, and staff members are notified by alert.

  Current status of the long-term care industry

The current situation in Japan is a huge labor shortage, especially in the field of long-term care. Moreover, Chairman Morikawa says the industry is negative about new initiatives.
However, most of the users and their families according to the questionnaire said that they may receive long-term care by robots, showing a very positive reaction.

If caregivers and helpers concentrate on services to people in need of care and robots take charge of peripheral work, the work efficiency of staff can be improved. In particular, the aim is to reduce the labor burden on staff by having robots perform night shift work, which is a heavy burden.

We are proceeding with verification so that the robot can handle tasks such as serving meals, cleaning up after meals, and collecting laundry.

CEO Juan said, “Even in Japan, which is said to be an advanced country for robots, we still see service robots in the future. We would like to continue to develop the service robot market in Japan.”
As a human support robot that supports operations not only in nursing care facilities but also in airports, hotels, restaurants, etc., we aim to popularize 100,000 generations by 2020.

Rental reservations will start in April 2019, and full-scale rental services will start in August 2019. The monthly price is 150,000 yen (excluding tax).
Both charging time and operating time are 4 hours, and it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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