At the event “re: MARS” held in Las Vegas on June 5, the United States Amazon announced that it will start the service “Prime Air” that delivers luggage by drone as a commercial service within a few months. Amazon has been conducting various experiments for practical use of drone delivery for several years, but it will finally start

Latest drone

The latest drone used in “Prime Air” has also been released.
The new drone has evolved into one with higher safety and operational efficiency, “a state where it can ascend and fly vertically like conventional drones” and “the main body tilts like an aircraft and at a high speed. It will be a hybrid type that can switch the “state of being able to cruise” as appropriate.

You can see the latest drone flying in the video below.

Delivery algorithm

In actual delivery, it is necessary to recognize objects such as stationary buildings and moving objects and avoid them if necessary, but it is said that it has a stereo camera and advanced algorithms and analysis capabilities .
At the time of landing, the marker installed by the user is used as a mark, and if a person is near the landing marker, it will not land to ensure safety.

Five years have passed since Amazon announced

On December 1, 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced on the TV program “60 Minutes” “Amazon Prime Air” that delivers packages within 30 minutes of ordering, but wants to put it to practical use in 4-5 years. But with a slight delay, Amazon’s dream will come true.

In Japan, there is a high possibility that it will be difficult in reality due to landing space and safety issues, but I hope that Amazon will develop a new delivery system that can put a similar system into practical use in Japan as well. I think.