Drone Net Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and operates drone-related content, has “Drone the World” where you can learn about drone knowledge and maneuvering, and “Sky Fight” where you can enjoy drone racing at Yutaka Toyokawa Motor School in Aichi Prefecture. Announced that it will open at the same time from Monday, July 1, 2019.

“Drone the World” is an experience-based SHOP & SCHOOL that provides products, services, and events that can only be obtained here to the local people. In the store, there are various things such as drone sales, video work sales, and drone training. And services.

Below is a quote from the press release

 Drone Net Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Kazuyuki Murakami), which plans, develops, and operates drone-related content, is a “drone” where you can learn about drones and how to operate them at Yutaka Toyokawa Motor School in Aichi Prefecture. “The World” and “Sky Fight” where you can enjoy drone racing will open at the same time from Monday, July 1, 2019.

The drone business has grown rapidly in recent years, and the use of drones is in full swing from industrial to entertainment fields. In fields such as agriculture, inspection, and aerial photography, the drone market is already being formed, and among them, aerial photography by drone has become so familiar to private life that it can never be seen in the media. On the other hand, drone operators who can operate industrial drones are in short supply, and it is expected that employment will be created in even more various markets in the future. Against this background, Drone Net thought that it needed a training school where it could learn in detail the laws and rules related to flight, just as the automobile industry once developed.

 With the cooperation of Yutaka Aichi Toyokawa Motor School, which has sympathized with the vision of the drone training school business, “Drone the World” Yutaka Toyokawa store will open. At the “Drone the World” Yutaka Toyokawa store, training professionals will provide drone training in the same way as automobile training. In addition, we will provide a special experience such as planning an event using a drone for graduates of Yutaka Aichi Toyokawa Motor School.

 ”Drone the World” Yutaka Aichi Toyokawa store is located within a 15-minute walk from “Mikawa-Ichinomiya Station” on the JR Iida Line, and is easily accessible by free shuttle bus. It is also located about 2 minutes from the Toyokawa IC on the Tomei Expressway and is adjacent to the parking lot, making it ideal for access by car.

 ”Drone the World” Yutaka Aichi Toyokawa store has a drone race ground “Sky Fight”, so you can enjoy and acquire practical skills. In “Sky Fight”, a drone race event whose theme changes depending on the period is held, and in July, it is a theme-type drone race event “Sky Fight Planet Cup” where you can experience the feeling of fighting in outer space.

■ About “Drone the World”

“Drone the World” is the world’s first and Japan’s first experience-based SHOP & SCHOOL that provides various unique products, only one services, and only one events that can only be obtained here. In the “Drone the World” store, we offer various things and services related to drones, such as selling drones, selling aerial video works of drone photographers, driving experience of the latest micro drone, training to become a drone photographer, etc. Will be done by professional staff. In addition, we plan to develop various contents that can only be experienced at “Drone the World”, such as product development that differs depending on the region and the release of limited goods.

■ Overview of “Drone the World” portal site

-Contents: Japan’s largest specialized drone service that provides the latest deals on various drone products and services, from entertainment to industrial use. It is divided into genres of education, qualifications, law, aircraft, human resources, business, society, and service, and provides various latest information.

■ About “Drone The World School”

The “Drone the World” school is a small-group micro drone operation class for those who want to learn how to operate a drone in a fun and solid way, using a rich curriculum created by professionals. You can acquire knowledge and skills according to your purpose of use, such as hobby camera photography and business utilization.
Store information

■ “Drone the World” Open Store Overview

・ Store name: “Drone the World” Yutaka Toyokawa Store
・ Opening date: July 1, 2019
・ Location: 1-13 Ueno, Toyokawa City, Aichi Prefecture
・ Business hours: 9:30 ~ 18: 30
・ Regular holidays: Saturdays, Sundays
, national holidays , inquiries: 0533-65-8750
・ Remarks: Can be visited without reservation

Drone Net Co., Ltd. is a drone venture company with the mission of “creating a smile with a drone”.
Representative: Representative Kazuyuki Murakami
Location: 4-3-29 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo VORT Kioisaka Building 1st floor
Established: March 2017
Capital: 302,846,650 yen
Homepage: https://drone-net.co.jp/
Business description: Drone Net Co., Ltd. was established in March 2017 as a company that leads a new business that integrates drones and IT technology. We are a drone venture company engaged in a wide range of businesses such as software, engineer training, wholesale distribution, and retail through the five businesses of “distribution business,” “research and development business,” “media business,” “entertainment business,” and “cloud sourcing business.”

■ Drone school “Drone the World” where you can learn while having fun

■ Marketplace “Skystock” specializing in drone aerial photography materials

■ Free app “Drone Theater” with unlimited viewing of drone images