“Internationalize media chooses! Best of overseas expansion award!”, A collaboration project between Japan’s largest owned media ” Future Media ” and the portal site ” Top Ten ” that is particular about the ranking format, is
finally announced! !!

I will come immediately!
First of all, I will introduce the 10th to 4th place at once.


10th place “Kokoichi” announces advance into India!
9th place “Sushiro” Singapore’s first store opened!
8th place “Torikizoku” will advance to Los Angeles in July 2010!
7th place “Bura Tamori” is the first overseas expansion!
6th place “Yamaguchi Prefecture Mochimaki” Advances to Taiwan Exposition!
5th place “Unko Museum” held in Shanghai! 
4th place August 2018 settlement of accounts “UNIQLO” Overseas UNIQLO sales surpass domestic sales!

3rd place

“Water pool bond” fried rice video overseas expansion
Published in US “TIME” magazine with high-impact images!
The impact was outstanding.
It was an overseas expansion that felt the possibility of youtube to overcome the language barrier and buzz overseas, and to expand overseas without being aware of it.


2nd place

2nd place in new era function expansion device “Skeltonics” Exhibited at an event in Shanghai!
It is a hot topic in Japan, but it seems that there are many inquiries from overseas.
In response to requests, we have begun to participate in overseas events!


The topic of bow renewal in Hawaii!

1st place “Engagement” Bow Renewal in Hawaii!
The prestigious 1st place is the Hawaii Bow Renewal of “Engagement Co., Ltd.”! is.
Congratulations! !!

Vow Renewal
Originally a popular event overseas, it has
recently become very popular in Japan as a gift for anniversaries and as a surprise during travel.

Anyway, you can see it by looking at the picture.
It makes me happy so far.


Of course, there is also a bow renewal service in Japan, but
when launching this business as a new business, it seems that it was launched with the expansion into Hawaii.
This is also the trend of the times.

[Written by: SPD Nakajima]
[Last updated: September 25, 2019]