Even with the fall of the price of Bitcoin to around 3600 USD toward the end of November last year, there are those who predicted that it will rise to around 15,000 USD by the end of the year – more than double of the price it stayed on from June to early November of 2018, which is 6000+ USD. However, from around 3200 USD during the third week of December, it had only risen to around 3800 USD by the end of the year.

Most people think that cryptocurrency is dying as it wasn’t just Bitcoin’s price that had fallen, even Ethereum and other altcoins’ prices have fallen too. Though this wasn’t the first time that most people believe Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency for that matter, is not going to survive. Way back in September there are articles that appeared which touched on the very subject.

For those who may not know, this is not the first time that Bitcoin price fell so much. Back in 2013, as the end of the year approached, Bitcoin has risen to almost 1200 USD. Then by the end of 2014, the price closed at 320 USD. On the first quarter of 2016, Bitcoin’s price was at around 300 – 400 USD and it closed at 960+ USD by the end of that year. From that, it went as high as 20,000 USD in mid-December of 2017. Although, it closed at around 14,000 USD by the end of that year. A year after that, we’ve seen it fall again to as low as 3,200 USD.

The thing is, these fluctuations have been seen many times, it is not new. We can see a trend.

It may not happen sooner, but I’m pretty sure that Bitcoin’s price will rise again. What do you think?