Bitcoin is the world’s first example of a decentralized, encrypted and distributed currency. People in the stock market consider Bitcoin as an investment that can give them more profit in years to come but some are still afraid in taking the risk in investing as they might lose more money specially the price of it right now is low and aren’t moving.

Based on past trends, once Bitcoin fall down, it will gradually rise. From a mere hundred USD in 2011 to almost US$1200 before 2013 ended. Although the price fell to below US$400 in 2014 it rose up again to almost a thousand US dollars in 2016. The price fluctuated in 2017 until it reached US$20000 toward the end of that year. Now, the price is around US$3800, but it has already risen up from below 3200 (last mid-December). A lot have seen a really bad dropped in Bitcoins history.

Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors said “The best way to lose money when you are investing or buying an asset is to sell when the asset price is low, or when its less than you bought it for. If you do that your guaranteed to lose more money. If you hold on you will probably recover as long as the underlying asset is good and it’s really worth it sold. But holding on like a good asset like Bitcoin will end up probably making you money on a long term.”

The calm before the storm, this is what they say about Bitcoin. A storm that could take the price exponentially higher than we’ve seen in the past.