XFLAG ™ of mixi, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and CEO: Koki Kimura) decides the No. 1 team of the smartphone app pull hunting RPG “Monster Strike” with a total prize of 100 million. The yen e-sports tournament “Monster Grand Prix 2019 Asia Championship” final tournament was held at Makuhari Messe on Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th. As one of the main contents of “XFLAG PARK 2019” to be held on the same day, “Battle Round” will be held from 14:00 on the 14th (Sun) in a tournament format.

Eight teams that won the regional qualifying tournaments held at five locations nationwide participated, and a total of 10 teams, including the two teams that won the Taiwan qualifying tournament and the Hong Kong qualifying tournament, which will be held for the first time overseas, will be the final tournament ( Gather at Makuhari Messe) to decide this year’s champion team. The total prize money is 100 million yen, which is the highest in the history of the tournament, and 40 million yen for the winning team.

Time Attack Round Video Archive

Time Attack Round Result

Ranking Team name time
First place Cats 1: 41.714
2nd place AliceWithAce 1: 46.566
3rd place Susumunga steadily 1: 58.185
4th Rokumaru ◢⁴ 1: 59.901
5th place Arables 2: 03.388
6th place Fertilizer home 2: 04.861
7th place Taisister Aiko 2: 11.158
8th place Melting french toast 2: 21.690
9th place Fast shot 0.3 seconds 2: 50.071
10th LM Bulldozer 4: 41.430

Breaking news of battle round results

Best 8 wins and losses

1st match Fast shot 0.3 seconds [○○-] LM Bulldozer [XX-]
2nd match Taisister Aiko Akira [× ○ ×] Melting French toast [○ × ○]
3rd match AliceWithAce [XX-] Arables [○○-]
4th match Susumunga steadily [○○-] Fast shot 0.3 seconds [XX-]
5th match Cats [○ × ○] Fertilizer house [× ○ ×]
6th match Rokumaru ◢⁴ [○○-] Melting French toast [XX-]

In the Kanto tournament B block semi-final, the monster of a draw with a tie time of 1/1000 second that occurred in the second game between “LM Bulldozer” who passed the time attack Round 1st place and “Kariya Curtain Call” who passed the 8th place. Following the first development in the history of the Grand Prix, in the final tournament best 8 and the 4th game, Susumunga VS fast-shooting 0.3 seconds, the judgment was deliberated from the almost tied goal in the 2nd game, and the result was more and more Susumunga with a 0.02 second difference. The venue was enthusiastic about the development of winning.

Semi-final win / loss result

1st match Arables [XX-] Susumunga steadily [○○-] 2nd match Cats [○ × ○] Rokumaru ◢⁴ [× ○ ×]

Susumunga VS Cats Finals Win / Loss Results

First strike Second attack
First match of the final Cats Susumunga steadily
Second match of the final Cats Susumunga steadily

The winner of Monster Strike 2019 will be “Sumunga”!

The winning “Don’t Susumunga” has a winning prize of 40 million yen, Google Pixel 3 x 4, Monst Design TOYOTA “COROLLA SPORT” x 1, AKRacing (gaming chair) x 4, Jagariko’s favorite taste One year’s worth of G331 stereo gaming headsets x 4, DEEBOT OZMO930 x 4, one year’s worth of Coca-Cola Energy, and the winner’s original “title” that can be used in Monst were sent.