Looking back on the trajectory from “Freedom. Let’s change.” “With someone who believes” To a new stage

VAIO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, President: Hidetoshi Yoshida, VAIO) will celebrate its 5th anniversary on July 1, 2019, and will send a message to all stakeholders through full-page newspaper advertisements and special pages *. We announced.

VAIO was established in 2014 as a company based on the VAIO brand PC business. Based on our high-quality, high-quality manufacturing capabilities based in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, and our brand power based on their trust, we are currently developing EMS business and solution business in addition to PC business. In the PC business, the corporate business has grown to account for 70% of the total sales of the business over the past five years, leading the business. In addition, we have expanded our overseas sales channels from the point where we started only for the domestic market to 18 regions around the world. The second pillar, the EMS business, has also expanded its business centered on the robotics and IoT areas, with orders increasing more than nine times compared to when it was first launched. In the solution business, we are actively developing new businesses and continuing to search for seeds that will lead to the next growth.

At the milestone of the 5th anniversary of our founding, we would like to express our gratitude to all the stakeholders who supported this growth, and we will continue to enrich the life work of individuals and solve various problems of companies through our business activities. All employees will make further efforts so that we can make proposals for this purpose.

  • Special content for the 5th anniversary of VAIO ( https://vaio.com/5th_anniversary/ )

Creative and message content

1. 1. Newspaper Advertising Creative Image

  • VAIO 5th Anniversary Special Content ( https://vaio.com/5th_anniversary/ )

2. 2. Full message

Today, 5 years ago. VAIO changed from a product to a joint-stock company.
The public paid attention to us who became free from large companies.
But how many people thought it would work?
Can a company of 240 people who lost their backing really do it?
The era when PCs are at the cutting edge is over.
When the news of independence settled down, I felt that kind of atmosphere.
In fact, some people were away.
Still, why did you manage to come to this day?
Because there were people who believed.
Someone told me to do it anyway.
Some people sympathized with the quality that they had driven to their satisfaction.
Some people adopted it as a company PC used by thousands of people.
There was a person who entrusted us with important design and manufacturing.
VAIO, who should have been alone, is no longer alone.
It’s not just a VAIO that makes PCs.
To people who have a clear desire to make something and to a
company that makes what is really needed in this world.
Technology. Physical strength. Confidence. I’m ready.
It’s finally time.
Now our hearts are excited.
What will you make with you?
With someone who believes, VAIO

3. Background of newspaper advertisement content: Expressing the change of 5 years from “Free. Let’s change.”

On the date of establishment on July 1, 2014, VAIO announced a statement with the tagline “Freedom. Let’s change.” Through a full-page advertisement of the Nikkei newspaper. The advertisement was shot at the VAIO Azumino head office factory before operation, and conveys the determination that VAIO, which has achieved separation and independence as a corporation, will restart from scratch and the dedicated passion for manufacturing that can be said to be DNA. I am.

We also shot the advertisement this time at the head office factory, but unlike five years ago, we expressed the lively expression of the employees who actually work with them. In a complex society, it is difficult to solve social issues with the power of one company alone, and it is becoming more and more important to believe and co-create with like-minded people beyond the boundaries of the company. , VAIO is thinking. For this creative, VAIO, who has been supported by many people in various ways and is truly independent, will walk with more stakeholders on the new stage and create “what is really necessary for this world”. It contains a strong determination to fulfill its mission.

4. About video creative The

manufacturing process of a VAIO PC is expressed along with the sounds actually recorded in the factory. In the “High Five” scene where the palms are slammed together, “Five” symbolizes the 5th anniversary, and a gorgeous celebration of the desire to continue to hold hands and walk with various stakeholders. I express it in an atmosphere.

5. Creative publication

① Newspaper advertisement
-Nihon Keizai Shimbun July 1, 2019 all 15 steps / color
-Shinano Mainichi Shimbun July 1, 2019 all 15 steps / color
② VAIO 5th anniversary special content
https://vaio.com/ 5th_anniversary /


h4><Reference: Looking back on the trajectory of VAIO’s 5 years since its establishment>

1. 1. Evolution of PC brand VAIO

(1) Number of models (all VAIO® PCs sold since the establishment of VAIO)

All 27 models *
* According to VAIO research. Excludes overseas license models and special editions. The corporate model is also calculated as one model.

2014 3 models

VAIO Pro 11
VAIO Pro 13
VAIO Fit 15E

2015 5 models

VAIO Z (model released in February 2015)
VAIO Z Canvas
VAIO Fit 15E | mk2
VAIO Pro 13 | mk2
VAIO S11 (model released in December 2015)

2016 5 models

VAIO Z clam shell model
VAIO Z flip model (model released in January 2016)
VAIO S13 (model released in January 2016)
VAIO S15 (model released in January 2016)

2017 8 models

VAIO Fit 15E | mk3
VAIO S11 / VAIO Pro PF (model released in September 2017)
VAIO S13 / VAIO Pro PG (model released in September 2017)
VAIO S15 / VAIO Pro PH (model released in September 2017) )

2018 2 models


2019 4 models

VAIO S15 / VAIO Pro PH (model released in April 2019) (

2 ) Business growth for

corporations Corporate sales team was established in September 2015, inside sales department, technology in December of the same year Business for corporations that has built a system from scratch after the separation and independence of VAIO, such as the establishment of a sales department. In September 2017, with the announcement of the VAIO Pro series, we started providing “PC solution” services according to the life cycle of corporate PCs. From both hardware and software perspectives, we have provided solutions that help companies reform their work styles, and have achieved significant growth as described below. Especially in the provision of kitting services, high value-added solutions are favored.

(3) Proposals for added value to enrich people’s lives with

PCs are popular For personal PCs, various types to pursue productivity unique to VAIO and to improve productivity such as VAIO True Performance®, LTE, and 4K-equipped models. We have proposed the function. Many customers have also selected the premium edition “ALL BLACK EDITION,” which achieves the highest performance of mobile machines. It can be seen from the high selection rate * below that you are sympathizing with the added value provided by VAIO to enrich your life.

④ Restart for the revival of the VAIO brand globally

VAIO PCs sold in 18 regions *
2015 Brazil, USA
2016 Argentina, Chile, Uruguay
2017 China
2018 Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan
2019 Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Sweden
* The number of regions includes Japan.

2. 2. Launch of EMS business / solution business based on VAIO brand

(1) Expansion and diversification of EMS business

VAIO has been developing the EMS business since 2015 by making the best use of the extensive functions and equipment cultivated in the PC business from product planning to after-sales service from upstream to downstream. In particular, communication robots are recognized as one of the few companies in Japan with mass production technology, and inquiries from start-ups to large companies are increasing. Recently, IoT-related orders have increased, and the genres and contract areas of the products we receive have diversified.

Changes in the number of orders received in the EMS business

The number of orders has increased more than 9 times since the first year of business start

More than 45 % increase compared to last year

Ordered product size (cumulative)
minimum 45 mm to
maximum 1820 mm

Ordered product genre (FY2018)

Contract area for ordered products (cumulative)