Do you know the demon who has been predominant in the world for a long time?
With him, you can guess all the characters that the respondent imagines, whether fictitious or real.

Its name is [Akinator]

The method is easy.
Just select from “Yes”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Maybe so”, and “Maybe different”.

The character that the respondent imagines is displayed according to the answer result.

And you will enjoy whether the person matches your imagination.


This time, I will challenge the demon.
First of all, let’s guess this person by warming up
. I will go with the superhuman wrestler “Kinnikuman Soldier (Ataru brother)” who has recently reappeared and is hotly talked about.

Let’s play now!

If you answer as a man and proceed one after another …

This is crazy …?

I’m thinking of
“Kinnikuman Soldier / Kinniku Ataru”

I was completely guessed.
Was the subject too easy? ??

Next, I will try something a little minor. The arrow on the head of
the main character of the game software sold on PS will
challenge you with the cute “Segare”.
As expected, I am confident that this will win.


Alright! Correct answer again! !! The devil can see anything!

They got me! !! !!

If you come to this point, you will go without any adjustment at the end.
We will challenge with the master of “Shofukutei Tsurubin” which is also the label of barley tea.


The result is …

What I have in mind is
“Shofukutei Shohei”

I’m sorry! !!

It was a very enjoyable time with more data than when I played it before.
Can you beat the demon who hits you with great accuracy?