In modern society, robots are being developed for various fields, including industrial robots. Robots work on behalf of humans and provide convenience in all parts of society, even in places we do not know.

Inconvenient robot

However, in recent years, I feel that the development of robots that do not provide convenience is progressing rapidly.
For example …

Healing robot “Kubo” that reproduces the movement of the tail of an animal

For reducing stress in modern people? “Healing the mind, tail cushion”

Sleep support robot “Nemov”

A “fluffy robot” that can talk is a sleep companion for modern people! Sleep Tech Sleep Support Robot “Nemov” for Solving Sleep Problems

It may be regarded as convenience in the sense of healing and sleeping, but it is not a robot with essential “convenience”, but it definitely contributes to the improvement of QOL (Quality of Life). Will be.
Among those robots that do not seek convenience, “LOVOT” is one of the robots that is attracting attention .

Family robot LOVOT [Labotto]

“LOVOT”, which debuted in December 2018, is a family-type robot developed by robot venture GROOVE X.
With the phrase “I wanted to make a robot that really makes people happy,” it was developed as a character that you can’t hate, rather than efficiency and convenience, but comfort and adorable gestures when you hold it.

If you call the name, it will move your cute eyes and approach the user like a small animal to answer the call.

If you hold it from your armpit, you can feel the temperature of “LOVOT”. It is a biological feeling that overturns the stereotype that robots are cold, “LOVOT” keeps heat of about 30-40 degrees and does not make you feel that it is a robot.

Please watch the video to see such a lovely figure.

Will the day come when robots will repaint the pet market?

According to the Yano Research Institute, the total pet-related market is expected to be about 1.5 trillion yen.
I would like to see the future of how domestic robots, including “LOVOT”, will cut into this large-scale pet-related market.

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