“3Ⅾ My Home Designer”

Megasoft Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshiaki Imachi) provides packaged software for the purpose of “pioneering technology for using personal computers”. One of the product series is “3Ⅾ My Home Designer”.
It is the definitive version of housing / architecture presentation software that allows you to easily design a wide range of details by simply dragging and dropping housing materials such as furniture and wallpaper after deciding the floor plan and making it 3D perspective with one click.

“Megasoft VR Solution”

The company’s product “Megasoft VR Solution”, which is a set of hardware and software required for VR presentations such as high-performance notebook PCs and head-mounted displays, is created with software created based on “3Ⅾ My Home Designer PRO9EX”. It is possible to experience the VR experience of your own home on an actual scale.

About this product Megasoft Co., Ltd. President: Yoshiaki Imachi talked in detail, and I was able to actually experience the Megasoft VR solution.

Yoshiaki Imachi, President and CEO talks about the process leading up to development

3Ⅾ Background of thinking about creating a home designer

Around 1995, when personal computers were still used only by companies and companies, personal computers gradually became widespread in the home. At that time, Megasoft Co., Ltd. was selling household software such as household account book software and New Year’s card software. Among them, “3Ⅾ My Home Designer” was for the general public, but it was used in the real estate industry and there was a “request for more specialized products”. Originally it was software that walks through 3D space, but I thought that it was not so clear to say 3D walkthrough, and thought that “If it is 3D, it would be better to walk around the house” “3Ⅾ My Home Designer Was born.
Originally, the hobby element was strong, but as mentioned above, many requests were received from the company side. Therefore, he said that he released “3Ⅾ My Home Designer PRO” for companies, and that there was demand from various groups and it has reached the present.

Mr. Imachi described the space experience by VR as “Seeing is believing, but” Seeing is believing “. Even if you look at 100 hand-painted and CG perspectives. , It’s not as good as a single experience with VR. ”
With the spread of VR that allows you to experience 3D, “things that you can create and experience on the spot” were in demand from the general public to companies and various groups.
He said that “3Ⅾ My Home Designer” is “the easiest software in the world to create and experience VR space.”

When VR came out, I thought it was a complete innovation.

“Initially, I used to print out the images I created and show them on a large screen using a projector, but instead of printing them out and taking them with me, I talked while editing them in real time. I was convinced that it would be faster. ”
Nothing has evolved in the part of “looking at the picture in the fixed frame” in the handwriting, CG, large screen, and tablet. Mr. Imachi says that he focused on that.

You can know all about “VR” with just this amount of equipment, such as the spaciousness and volume that you wouldn’t know unless you actually built it. Moreover, it can be confirmed at all angles of 360 degrees.
“No matter how beautiful the photo was, it was an extension of handwriting, and I realized that VR was really an innovation,” he said.

Actual experience

While listening to the story about the product, I was able to experience the room I created in VR using “3Ⅾ My Home Designer”.

First, I created a model of a house using software based on “3Ⅾ My Home Designer PRO9EX”. Decide the floor plan, select your favorite furniture and wallpaper, place them in the room, and make them 3D perspective.
You can change the furniture to your favorite color and open and close the installed door just by dragging.

Although it was a presentation software, it had a strong hobby element, so it was easy to operate and I enjoyed it very much just by designing the room.
There are a wide variety of materials, and there are more than 50,000 housing materials that can be downloaded from Megasoft’s data center, and if they are converted to 3D perspective, they can be viewed from anywhere in 360 degrees.

To virtual space with “Megasoft VR Solution

I took a look inside the room I created earlier. I was able to experience the volume from the actual size. The texture of the wall is also real, and it can be said that it is close to a “real experience”.
I was able to experience the house created by “3Ⅾ My Home Designer” in VR.
You can walk around the room, experience the height from the second floor and the roof very realistically, and edit various materials in real time, so you can rearrange the materials and texture on the spot while making a request. You can change it. You can stand in the garden and see from the outside while keeping the scale of the house, so you can design the entrance and roof on the spot.

Since there are materials such as pets, cars, and people, it is possible to reproduce the ideal home in detail and preview it as a showroom.

There is also a service to create a removable house model on the roof and the second floor from the data created by “3D My Home Designer.

VR can provide a three-dimensional effect that cannot be conveyed in photographs.
By actually using the software and experiencing VR, I was able to understand the words that Mr. Imachi said, “Hyakumi is like an experience.”

The VR market seems to be temporarily stagnant, but it can be said that the development of such solutions using VR is remarkable.
Expectations are only rising for the future that will evolve using VR.

Megasoft VR Solution (For companies / corporations)
Set contents
-Head mount display (HMD) set
-VR compatible high-performance notebook PC

-Software set

Lecture (with text) that conveys know-how during on -site installation work and operation
・ First year maintenance service

Company profile
Megasoft Co., Ltd. (trademark: MEGASOFT)

Headquarters 2-4-12
Nakazaki Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 530-0015 No. Umeda Center Building 11F
Tokyo Office
〒102-0073 1-4-5 Kudankita , Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kitanomaru Grass Gate Building 4th floor

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