Shoppers can now buy Bitcoin at US Supermarket. How cool is this?! Basically, those Coinstar machines that you see at ShopRite, Walmart, Pathmark, Publix or wherever you are in the United States, you’re going to be able to buy Bitcoin through those which is really cool. Bitcoin is gearing up for prime time at local grocery stores across the US, in addition to Corn Flakes, Coca Cola, Apples and postage stamps, customers can now buy Bitcoins from coin machines. Coinstar guys go in there and you dump your coins in there and guess what? Coinstar is for coins right, why not just get digital coins, how cool is that?
Coinstar which owns and operates the kiosks that sound like Vegas slot machines as they convert your jugs and jars full pennies, nickels and dimes, into a voucher redeemable for dollar bills has partnered with “coinme”, the first state licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the US. Along with converting sack of dimes in 50 bucks. Grocery shoppers can now select buy Bitcoin but at Coinstar kiosk to purchase Bitcoin. When you buy Bitcoin, you’ll get a receipt and other important information regarding the purchase, how cool is that?! Definitely worth a try right? This is great to see mainstream adoption, one pocket of spare change at a time buying Bitcoin BTC on one of 20,000 Coinstar machines across the United States.
The rollout on their way to California, Texas and Washington where Bitcoin is now available for purchase at select Coinstar kiosks, select located at major grocery chains such as; Safeways, Albertsons and Vaughn, any of those, are like Midwest and West coast stores. Coinstar is a brand name across the US which with ubiquitous kiosks processing $43B annually. According to the company, 93% of all US residents live in 5 miles of a kiosk. The company operates 20,00 fully automated, self-service coin-counting kiosks in 9 countries, with more than 8,900 in the US market alone installed at major outlets, including Walmart and Kroger. The partnership with Coinme allows the kiosks to be enabled for Bitcoin transactions.
Albertsons is the second largest supermarket in the world and the 10th largest retailer. Neil Bergquist, the co-founder of Coinme says, “Bitcoin is now accessible at your local grocery store via Coinstar kiosk, and this offering will make it even easier for consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy”. So, definitely going to be reaching those people that were intrigued, older people that were intrigued by Bitcoin that may actually go to the kiosk machine. Many people might try this new way of purchasing Bitcoins and see if it goes to the moon. May people are going to think that this is just a waste of time some may think that this is a brilliant idea, but you know, what is the point of putting it in the Coinstar machine in the first place right? Because they know and they’re gearing up to get people ready for this wave that is coming in for cryptocurrency.
Definitely a great news for crypto enthusiasts, let’s wait and see the mass adoption to occur on all four fronts of Coinstar, it makes complete sense for them to actually do this and to implement this. I’m sure they’re testing in those states now and we’ll be rolling out in others. But, this is just a great option for people to get into crypto now. More and more things are coming about that are going to intrigue people’s interest in getting into crypto, especially Bakkt, that’s hopefully going to be coming out soon. Hopefully this government thing with SEC gets resolved so everybody can basically reopen and start making decisions because we got great catalyst coming off, Bakkt, CFTC approval, and we also have the SEC to approve the ETF, so hopefully if those things happen, we can start seeing some better pricing.