China’s Cryptocurrency Payment Planet Form Capital Payments (CSPay) announces development in Hong Kong and will work with HUAWEI, Grandshores Technology (01647) and Lanhai pay.
Founder Liang Weihan said he hopes that cryptocurrencies will be widely used in Hong Kong after being regulated.

CSPay only accepts cryptocurrency recharges and its main business is to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and then convert them to legal currencies like Hong Kong dollars. According to Liang Weihan, our application, CSS Wallet, offers cryptocurrency trading in addition to general electronic payments. Bitcoin trading will also be offered at the end of the year. He estimates that Hong Kong citizens with cryptocurrencies are mostly speculative, with less than about 10,000 people, and while prices fluctuate significantly, they predict that they will not be useful for trading.

He hopes that cryptocurrencies will become widespread and circulate after they are regulated and legal issues are resolved. According to him, several Hong Kong merchants are trading CSpay, targeting 100,000 users next year.
HUAWEI’s director of cloud market development, He Qixiang, said that Meng Zhou Zhou’s vice president was arrested in Canada at the end of last month, which will affect the progress of the company’s 5G development, but for now digital conversion requires cloud technology. So, he said, although the political impact is small, double-digit numbers could increase each year.
However, the recent link between HUAWEI and CCP has received a lot of attention. Some of the information recently officially released by HUAWEI has also spread widely on social media.
Twitter user “Li Fang” forwarded HUAWEI’s customer list, uploaded four screenshots of HUAWEI’s official website, and has 80 departments, half of which are public safety departments, prisons, and police academy in mainland China. There were also a large number of government agencies, state-owned enterprise sectors and regional offices.

Li Fang said: “Look at HUAWEI’s official website and you’ll see their customer list exposed and how much black money they’ve earned. Among them, the’Peace City’, which is the intelligent city of each public security. It is an observation system. HUAWEI technology, technology for observing people. ”

Editor: Jing Ying