In recent years, robot development is progressing in many directions to the extent that it surpasses our perception.
Many robots support our private lives, or “industry, industry, agriculture”, and military and disaster relief robots will not come to mind.
However, before we realize it, quadrupedal walking robots for disaster relief and military purposes have been actively developed for some time.

Boston Dynamics’ “SpotMini” and Zurich Institute of Technology’s “ANYmal” are famous as representatives of the four-legged dog-shaped robot that is under development.

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It can be said that these robots are generally used for disaster relief, shooting in places where humans are difficult to enter, construction sites, etc., and improving mobility and agility …

The robot “HyQ Real” announced by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) can tow a small airplane weighing 3 tons.

The “HyQ Real” can be said to be the only “power type” quadrupedal robot that has the torque to pull a small passenger plane .

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The appearance of stepping on the ground step by step is a little cute and sometimes you want to cheer, but of course it was not developed to tow an airplane, it has versatility and robustness under various situations, and it plays the role that humans demand. Made to fulfill.

The future of “HyQ Real”

The “HyQ Real” is still just an experimental machine, and its strength is outstanding, and it has less appeal points than other highly versatile quadrupedal robots.

In order for the “HyQ Real” to establish a position equal to or better than other robots, it must be able to attach arms and carry heavy objects like the “SpotMini”.
In addition to expectations for practicality, quadrupedal robots have many users who want to see their strange and cute movements. I would like to continue to watch the competition for quadrupedal robots such as “SpotMini”.

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