It’s a writer’s tororo!

For about 4 months since we launched ROBOT MADIA in December, we have published various articles related to robots as a curation site.
As a new attempt, we decided to write an article ourselves, so we look forward to working with you!

The first memorable one!
There is a robot I would like to introduce to you this time.

This is “sphero mini”! !!

This child looks like just a ball, but you can operate it from your smartphone with a Bluetooth connection and roll it as you like.

The other day, I received a message from Senior Hda of our development team saying “I found something that looks interesting”!
Let’s actually touch it!

To get it to work, you need to put the app on your smartphone, so download “Sphero Mini” from the store.

Launch the app, connect sphero and it will glow! !!

If you adjust the direction according to the instructions on the screen, the
joystick will be displayed and you can operate it by dragging.

In addition to the joystick, you can select the mode to move from the + button at the bottom left, such as scream drive (operated by voice) and face drive (operated by facial expression).

By the way, sphero is rechargeable.
When you open the cover, the contents will come out, so connect the included charging cable to charge it.
It seems that it can be used for 45 hours on a full charge (about 1 hour).

There were pins and traffic cones as accessories, so I played with boring and slalom!

I also shot a video so please have a look!

Regarding the operation mode, I tried to operate
bowling with a slingshot and
slalom with a joystick.

The slingshot progresses by pulling and releasing it on the screen.
It feels like a social game!
I finally got a strike after doing it 5 or 6 times!

The slalom has been overwhelmed, but …

Barely clear! !!

It may be interesting to use different operation modes depending on how you play (^^)

So far, we have introduced the operation of smartphones, but in fact there is another function!

This is “sphero”, but you can also program it yourself!

You need to download an application called “Sphero Edu” separately, but you can easily program by operating the screen, not to mention programming using Javascript, even if you are not familiar with programming.

You can enjoy a wide range of things, such as moving sphero according to the drawn lines and seeing 3D models.

From 2020, it seems that programming will be a compulsory subject in elementary school.
So, why not study while playing with your child?

This time, we introduced sphero, which allows you to enjoy various ways with one unit.
If you like, please give it a try!

We will continue to provide robot-related information in the future, so thank you! !!