There are several teams that are doing a lot of spectacular
activities in Japan, but this time we will focus on “DetonatioN Gaming”, which is active in various genres and titles.

What is DetonatioN Gaming?

A professional esports team with many departments such as LoL and PUPG , based on “DetonatioN”, which was established as a “Counter-Strike” team in 2012 . The way they should be as a professional team is also attracting attention,
such as the appointment of players on a full-time basis and the acquisition of athlete visas for foreign players to which they belong .

Recent activity

He has participated in many competitions both in Japan and overseas. In particular, the LoL team “DetonatioN FocusMe” is known as one of the strongest players in Japan, and there is a strong interest in the results of the tournament.

[DFM Tournament Information] The summer battle of DetonatioN FocusMe, which aims to win the domestic professional league for the third consecutive time, begins!

【DFM 大会情報】国内プロリーグ3連覇を目指す、DetonatioN FocusMeの夏の戦いが始まる!

[Taipei Major 2019] Zangief Itabashi and Naumann from the fighting game division will participate in the CPT 2019 premiere tournament in Taiwan!

【Taipei Major 2019】台湾で行われるCPT2019プレミア大会に格ゲー部門の板橋ザンギエフ選手とナウマン選手が参戦!

[2019 BATTLEGROUNDS Japan-Korea BJ competition] Nigongo will participate in the PUBG tournament where streamers from Japan and Korea gather!
[PES League 2019 Asia Regionals Finals] Leva will participate in the official tournament to decide the strongest in the Asian region as a representative of Japan!

【PES League 2019 Asia Regionals Finals】アジア地域の最強を決める公式大会に日本代表としてレバ選手が出場!

Media exposure, etc.

It is often seen not only in e-sports competitions but also in various media such as paper, TV programs, and Web media, and contributes to the widespread penetration of e-sports.

[Youtube Live appearance] Eto’s player will appear on TV Tokyo’s e-sports YouTube channel live broadcast!


[TV appearance] May 20, 27, June 3 (Monday) 21:54 Tokai TV “e-sports LOVE” will appear on Itabashi Zangiev !!


[Media] An interview with Zangief Itabashi was published in the Wellplayed Journal.


[Media] An interview with cross7224 players was posted on the website of the card game magazine “Card Gamer”.


DetonatioN Gaming, which is exposed not only in game technology but also in various media, expands the range of
activities, and will continue to be
active as a team leading the e-sports industry, which has been called the first year of e-sports since 2018. I also want to pay attention to it.

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