The Philippines is now celebrating the launching of the country’s first local government-run robotics center. The center is located at Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center (NOLITIC) on November 19.

Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and founder of Pinoy Robot Games, Mr. Levin Matulac along with the vocational school administrator of NOLITIC Ma. Cristina Orbecido were proudly present at the inauguration of the robotics center.

Matulac said that the program already is in the process of training 5 teachers from NOLITIC.

“We want the LGUs to have better tax mapping– so proper taxes are collected, that it really goes to the LGUs, and spent properly,”

With the program, the local government of Negros Occidantal hopes that students will learn and be introduced to the basics of programming, instrumentation, and building robots. Necessary skills for today’s fast-paced and evolving demands of modernity.

“Globalization is the call of the times and it is imperative upon us, the government and our educational system to keep up with the global context of learning, and prepare and equip ourselves and the youth so that they will be able to have a fighting chance in the highly competitive world that awaits them,” the governor said.