Space One Co., Ltd. and Tomihisayama Driving School Co., Ltd. will open a school for agricultural workers as “Japan Agri Service Fukushima Driving School / Maintenance Office” with the aim of promoting the spread and utilization of “industrial multi-rotors”. Announced.

From the voices of farmers who participated in the training for the elderly, it was realized from the idea that developing human resources for spraying pesticides with industrial multi-rotors would help solve problems in regional agriculture.

Both companies have opened [Japan Agri-Service Fukushima Driving School / Maintenance Office] for the purpose of popularizing, safe operation, and human resource development of multi-rotors for spraying pesticides, which are representative of IoT, and promoting smart agriculture by drone. I will aim for. ”

Space One Co., Ltd. and Tomikyuyama Driving School Co., Ltd. educate and train human resources with safe operation and correct knowledge for the purpose of promoting the spread and utilization of “industrial multi-rotors” in the smart agriculture field. Therefore, we will open a school for agricultural workers as “Japan Agri Service Fukushima Driving School / Maintenance Office (certified by Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Aviation Association)”.

Space One Co., Ltd. and Tokuyama Driving School Co., Ltd. (a member of the National Driving School Drone Consortium), which develop various drone businesses, are the representative of IoT, and the spread and safety of multi-rotors (industrial drones) for spraying pesticides. We will open [Japan Agri Service Fukushima Driving School / Maintenance Office] for the purpose of effective operation and human resource development, aiming to promote smart agriculture by drone.

≪Why is the car school? ≫

In recent years, as drone functions have improved and diversified, the range of utilization has expanded, and there is an increasing need to learn skills and knowledge such as operation methods and safe operation. Instructors who are professionals in the education of automobile schools who have traditionally taught “land safety (traffic safety)” and “knowledge and maneuvering of cars” will use the achievements and know-how of the educational field as “safety in the sky” and “drone”. We will shift to “knowledge and control” and create human resources development and industry in new fields.

From the voices of farmers who participated in the training for the elderly, we thought that in addition to the existing drone curriculum, developing human resources for spraying pesticides with industrial multi-rotors would help solve the problems of regional agriculture.

≪Agricultural issues≫

Shortage of successors due to declining birthrate and aging population Aging
agricultural workers (average age 66.6 years)
Declining productivity (cost: soaring fuel prices, infrastructure)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has also announced a plan to popularize drones (small unmanned aerial vehicles) in the agricultural field, and it is recommended that IoT be actively incorporated into agriculture, considering the labor shortage and productivity decline due to the declining birthrate and aging population. ing. The policy is to increase the number of registered pesticides 646 that can be distributed to 846, 1.3 times, and to increase the sprayed area from 20,000 hectares to 1 million hectares, which is about 50 times over four years. Expectations are rising that it will lead to labor saving in agricultural work such as spraying pesticides and fertilizers with industrial multi-rotors and sowing seeds, and will lead to solving various problems.

-From “Public-Private Council for Expanding the Spread of Agricultural Drones”-

≪Drone for spraying pesticides≫ (DJI: Agras MG-1)
An octocopter designed to spray various liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides with high accuracy and at an appropriate ratio efficiency and management. Equal power is further improved.

-Compatible with granules
-Spraying time 1 minute / 1 kg / 1 anti
-Safe landing function in the unlikely event
-International standard dustproof / drip-proof

Reducing the work load … Easy to carry and operate the drone and easy to maintain after use
Shortening the work time … 1/5 of the time required for manual spraying from preparation to industrial completion. Spray 1 hectare in about 10 minutes
High mobility ………… Suitable for fields of various sizes. It can be used even in mountainous areas and narrow areas.
Accurate spraying ……… Low-altitude flight that the radar recognizes the terrain and maintains a certain altitude. Uniform and precise spraying of pesticides
Cost reduction …… The drug cost due to uneven spraying can also be reduced.

≪About school≫

■ We will open two schools, our school (Koriyama City) and J Village School (Naraha Town) at the same time.
■ Educational curriculum
 ・ 5-day course (3-day course for drone and radio-controlled helicopter business workers)
 ・ 9:00 to 17:00 (including 60-minute break)
 ・ 50 minutes 1 class [lecture]

Operation management (basic knowledge, laws, etc.)
Spray flight knowledge (aircraft performance / knowledge, inspection items, etc.)
Agricultural chemicals / crops (proper use, safety evaluation, diseases, etc.)

[Practical skill]

Flight skills (inspection, maintenance, flight technology, etc.)
Flight training (applied flight technology, etc.)
Actual flight training (pesticide tank handling, spraying, etc.)

■ You can receive practical training at our school ‘s largest outdoor drone practice area in Tohoku.

■ J-Village School A

training camp-type course is held at the sacred place of Japanese soccer, and you can fully practice spraying at the all-weather dome.

■ License (Industrial Multi-Rotor Operator Skill Certificate)

A license is issued to those who have passed the academic test / skill test as a certified operator of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Aviation Association, and the driving school takes over various applications related to pesticide spraying. , It is possible to concentrate on business without burden.
In addition,
we support your agriculture with reliable aftercare such as annual inspection, software version upgrade, regular technical guidance, and proxy spraying in case of failure . 

■ Courses The first term will be held at our school. Late August (planned)

≪Opening Ceremony≫ 

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019 * Cancellation in case of rain : 13: 00- Ceremony: 13: 30-14: 30 Approximately 1 hour (congratulations, explanation of school outline, tape cut, etc. (Demonstration flight)
Venue: Koriyama Drone Park
Address: 144 Takatarouchi Takakura, Nakatamachi, Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture 963-0713
   15-20 minutes from Koriyama Station Get off at Koriyama Higashi IC 20 Minutes
   Depart from Koriyama Station For Yanagibashi / Ono Get off at Takakura Tate 10 minutes walk
Participation: If you would like to participate in the ceremony (press related people), please contact the following inquiries in advance.

★ The venue “Koriyama Drone Park 2nd Anniversary Event” will be held after the ceremony

≪Towards smart agriculture≫

In Japan, where large plots of agricultural land are progressing due to the problem of a shortage of farmers, accurate and safe pesticide spraying methods using drones will solve the problem of labor shortage and will become the foundation of future next-generation agriculture, and will play a very important role. I am confident that it will be fulfilled.
We hope that this project will expand the possibilities of industrial drones, revitalize local agriculture, and contribute to the development of food and agriculture in Fukushima.

≪Other related information≫

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