In April 2019, it will be released in November 2018 in collaboration with Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd., a robotics venture that develops and sells communication robots, with the corporate philosophy of “Making the world Yukai with robotics.” It was announced that a stress reduction effect verification experiment was conducted with the cushion-type therapy robot “Qoobo” with a tail, and that the stress reduction effect was confirmed.

Stress society

Life in a big city is said to be stressful. I often feel crowded buildings, slow-moving projects, responsibilities, and pressure. Such modern people are always looking for healing.

Pets have a lovely look and behavior that soothes our hearts, but in most cases it is difficult to keep them or there is no environment to keep them.
Still, you may have wanted to welcome “Moffmoff” to your house.


Like a real animal, it is a healing therapy robot that gently strokes gently and fluffy, strokes a lot and vigorously, and sometimes whimsically shakes its tail.
In the heyday of voice recognition and AI robots, it features a very unique and unusual concept, such as omitting voice and facial expressions and healing us with just the movement of the tail.

“I want people who want healing in their daily lives and people who can’t keep pets even if they want to use them,” he said.

To date, the number of “Qoobo” shipped has exceeded 10,000 , and according to a survey conducted by Yukai Engineering, it was found that there are needs of users of various age groups in a well-balanced manner regardless of age and gender. There is.
Also, when I look at reviews on Amazon mail order sites and other sites, I see many comments saying, “I couldn’t keep a pet because I was allergic to animals, so I bought Qoobo without worrying about allergies.”

Yukai Engineering wants to give healing.

Yukai Engineering says, “In the present age called stress society. Especially in the new environment and the time of new life where there are many changes in the surroundings, stress is more than usual and it tends to make you feel negative. At that time, you shake your tail when you stroke. By touching Qoobo, which responds to the reaction, I hope to contribute to stress reduction as a healing entity like pet therapy. ”

“Qoobo” was developed with a unique perspective of animal tails, but I would like to expect what kind of products Yukai Engineering will develop in the future.