The main industries of the world’s top companies, most of them are the IT industry. Globally, the IT industry is on the rise. “IT” has become an indispensable and familiar word in our daily lives. Future media is a company that conveys information about IT, including information about robots, throughout the industry.

With the theme of “future”, we provide the latest information from the latest IT-related technologies.
A new information site with an eye on the future, that is the future media.

Service provided by Future Media This service introduces the latest information and technical information on the contents that represent MIND technology using the latest methods of the era. From the present, which is the future of the past, we will send information with an eye on Mirai. SERVICE We will do our utmost to support the development of technology that will lead to the future. We visit the development site for technology coverage and create and publish articles based on the information we see. You can find the information you need and the information you can see in the future. First of all, at first glance.

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Company Name: Mirai Media Co., Ltd.
President: Ken Hikasa
Location: 3-13-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo BPR Residence Shibuya 1208
Phone: 0800-0803720
WEB site: https: // mirai-media. net /