• When you want to view the Nintendo Switch on a big screen while you are away from home, such as your friend’s house, your workplace, or your parents’ home, you need to carry the Switch dock and the dedicated AC adapter in your bag. However, putting a genuine Switch dock and a dedicated AC adapter in the bag makes it surprisingly bulky. There are special cases that fit all, but it’s good news for users who don’t want to add more baggage to carry a Switch. The ” GENKI Dock “, an ultra-compact Switch dock that eliminates such concerns, has arrived.

• The biggest feature of “GENKI Dock” is that it has all the functions of a Switch dock and an AC adapter, but it is 1/10 the size of a genuine Switch dock and a size that fits in a pocket. Since it doubles as an AC adapter, it can be used not only to charge the Switch, but also to charge mobile devices and output laptops and tablets to TVs and monitors.

• The “GENKI Dock” has been pre-ordered for sale on the cloud-funding site “Makuake” since February 6th. Since the start of the project, it has already exceeded the target amount of 500,000 yen and has received support of about 30 million yen. This time, I have received a sample of such “GENKI Dock”, so I will send you a review

Checking accessories

When you open the box with a Switch-like design based on red and blue, the “GENKI Dock” body, “USB type-C cable (1.8 m)”, “dedicated storage pouch”, and “instruction manual” are included… The HDMI cable is not included, so you will need to use the one that comes with the Switch or purchase it separately.

“USB type-C cable (1.8m)”, “dedicated storage pouch”, “instruction manual” are included.

Although there are other small adapters that display the Switch on the screen, the “GENKI Dock” combines the functions of a Switch dock and an AC adapter with this size. It’s also nice that it has a plug storage function.

Connection port has USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI 2.0 || The plug can be stored in the body

“GENKI Dock” specifications
•Dimensions: 33x66x44mm
•weight:→ About 100g *1
•Output resolution: 1080p
•Connection port: USB 3.1 Type-A, USB 3.1 Type-C, HDMI 2.0
•Remark: USB PD compatible (→ Maximum output 25W) *2

2020.02.08 Addition
*1: The upper limit temperature exceeds 2 ° C according to Japanese certification standards, and the amount is increased by 30g to disperse the generated heat.
*2: Initially announced that it was compatible with 30W USB PD3.0, but it was corrected to support 25W USB PD3.0. There seems to be no problem in charging the Switch.

Compare with Nintendo Switch dock

I compared it with a genuine Switch dock. You can see the difference in size when they are lined up. To output to a monitor or TV, the Switch dock requires a special AC adapter, but the “GENKI Dock” can output video with this one.

Compared with genuine dock. If you line them up, you can see the difference in size.

Operation check / Check of usability

Just like the genuine Switch dock, you can connect the monitor to the “GENKI Dock” via HDMI and connect it to the Switch via USB Type-C.

Just plug it into an outlet and connect it to Switch.

The point of “GENKI Dock” is that it is small and convenient to carry, but it is not necessary to stand it upright like a genuine Switch dock, so you can install it under the monitor or under the tabletop to save space around the desk. Can be effectively used. Also, due to the structure of the genuine Switch Dock, heat was likely to accumulate, and the screen and back were sometimes scratched when plugged in or unplugged, but the “GENKI Dock” is only connected by USB Type-C, so there is concern about them. There is no. Note that Nintendo Switch Lite does not have a TV output module, so no image will be displayed even if connected.

It is well reflected on the monitor. The screen is Nintendo’s “Splatoon 2”

I actually played “Splatoon 2” and checked the operation. With the same feel as the genuine Switch dock, I didn’t feel any delay. The “GENKI Dock” itself was slightly heated after playing for about an hour, but it is not so worrisome that the dedicated AC adapter heats the TV output.

GENKI Dock Review Summary

The “GENKI Dock”, which has the functions of the Switch dock and AC adapter in an ultra-compact body, may be a product of concern to users who often carry the Switch. It also supports PCs, smartphones and tablets, so it will be useful when traveling or on a business trip.
“GENKI Dock” is scheduled to be sold at a general selling price of 8,680 yen (tax included), but you can purchase it at Makuake, a cloud funding site for 18% OFF for 7,100 yen. Since it is not for general sale yet, the estimated delivery date is “delivery by the end of May”, but if you are interested please check it.