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I-FREEK Mobile Co., Ltd. provides joy and excitement to everyday life in the world . This time, I was able to cover Christmas day with ” Challet, ” which I-FREEK Mobile Co., Ltd. has newly launched . Charet is an application that combines chat and wallet functions .

Ayami Uehara, President of I-FREEK Mobile Co., Ltd.

What is Challet

Challet is an application with chat and wallet functions.
A wallet application that does not have a chat function realizes that it actually trades virtual currency, but it takes time and effort to enter an address etc. The exchange of information is the trouble of trading, and by chatting there, the transaction has a high affinity and the transaction proceeds smoothly .

The next development

Since its inception, I-FREEK Mobile has provided deco-mail and stamps, and will integrate all of its digital content assets into Challet. Mr. Uehara said that Charlet can bring smiles to people all over the world by providing services that enhance communication
between people, services and users, and stores and customers .

Mr. Uehara’s dream is to become Santa Claus .
Charlet is an original chat platform that can be customized for businesses , unlike SNS, which is currently popular . It is said that it will be developed as a chat-based customization system in the future.
Charlet has already been decided to be introduced to 9 domestic companies and 1 overseas company, and it is said that at least 100,000 users are expected by the end of next year. Chat and wallet are now standard features. In the future, we will integrate about 250,000 digital contents provided by i-freak mobile and an e-commerce shop that sells limited goods of the crowdfunding site called Miraipo, which we are currently operating, and further expand the media function. I will go.
He also revealed that he is considering developing a game platform in cooperation with i-freak GAMES, a subsidiary of i-freak mobile .

Mr. Uehara says that he is thinking of a concept as a robot platform in the future, and that robots will become widespread and the robot era will come in the future.
Communication between robots and humans will become necessary, and we aim to make Charet the de facto standard as a chat platform.

Mr. Uehara’s dream of becoming Santa Claus .
To make this dream come true, he said that on Christmas day, the robot would deliver gifts to children all over the world and communicate with them on the charettes built into them.

Right Mr. Kuniomi Yoshida, Director and General Manager of IP Division of the company

Recently, the use of cash in payments has decreased, and this is becoming widespread worldwide.
Mr. Yoshida said that while blockchain technology is attracting attention, he started developing charettes with an eye on the future of virtual currency (cryptographic assets) as a new payment method.

Let’s use Challet

Charlet is available by downloading from Google play.
The wallet function can be used from the moment it is downloaded, and the chat function can also be used by registering as a user.

I-freak mobile connects the world through Challet

Communication is indispensable for people to live.
The application ” Charlett “, which focuses on the importance of communication , is a breakthrough for domestic and global users, and will eventually become essential.
Charlet plans to support QR payments in Japanese yen and foreign currencies in the future .
Now that electronic money has become widespread, many people install wallet applications. First of all, try using Charet and feel its convenience.

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