Global Sense Co., Ltd. (Location: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takayuki Kudo) is pleased to announce that the professional gamer business will start on November 1, 2018.

Business name: Pro Gamers World Business (abbreviation PGW)

Purpose: Social cognitive expansion and social approval improvement of professional gamers roll model the creation of a second stage of professional gamers contribution of the development of e-sports and to raise awareness

Activity: Distribution of game videos for domestic and overseas competitions such as Evolution (play, capture, commentary, variety, etc.) Amusement facility Event support
Business: Advertising business (limited number of small sponsor contract companies) Gamer environment space related business ( 2020-2021) and several other plans

Special feature: All professional gamers hire full-time employees

Genre: Fighting game

Affiliation professional : 3 people

Naoki Tanaka (player name legendary nerd)

twitter: @ den_ta9

Features (Kaku Game Player Wiki) A charismatic player who is mainly active in Capcom-type Kaku games. Famous as a guy messenger, he is one of the people who is always mentioned in the topic of the strongest guy. Armed with a splendid turn and trickiness backed by a huge amount of experience. In the Arcana series, the name is known as a charismatic Zerotte messenger, and the story of Arcana Heart’s Liese capture is also posted in the fighting spirit. As a writer, he was in charge of capture articles for each title in the arcade game magazine “Arcadia”.
At the official Capcom event “Spa IV AE 2011 Fierce Man Discovery Caravan” held at the Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara store, a kumite event was held as a thug from Capcom, and 52 people took on the challenge and left a battle history of 48 wins.
As an aside, he is also famous as a master of the entertainment world’s leading game player, Golden Bomber’s “Jun Utahiroba”.

Kenji Maruyama (player name Ren)

twitter: @pomesama

Features (Kaku Game Player wiki)
BlazBlue series gin top player.
After BBCS, it was a little off play, but it revived with PGW. A player who has emerged from BB and is familiar to face TV viewers in a sense. He is a BB player who tends to be treated as a story character in the night incident of Kamaitachi and the appeal of the rear. Originally a virtual-on player, he seems to have prevailed as a Temjin messenger. PN is “TAYP-REN”. * Although it is not TYPE-REN, it has a strong rear charge and a strong rating game, but it is weak in kanji, and there are some disappointing parts such as reading small fish as “Zatsusho”. Also registered in GODSGARDEN, the back of the community, face TV! It is delivered at.
BLAZBLUE official national tournament “BLUEREVO” cheering team leader. When the PS3 version of Koihime is released, he seems to like the game, and starts playing enthusiastically. Of course, the character used is Ren (Love: Lu Bu). After playing against Mr. M, “I made Ren serious …!”. As of March 2014, it has reached 13 dan since the first time.
In 2014, he won the 3rd place in the Koihime Demonstration National Tournament “Tenka Yumeso Cup” (Natsukoi) and the “Eight Masters Battle” inviting powerful players from all over the country. 2015 of the official national convention – the first time the Overlord finals even-impressive Yu
decorate the wins, has been praised as Koihime Overlord.
Chun-Li messenger on strike 5.
Achieved the target of exceeding LP14000 on June 1, 2016 in a short period of time.

Ryuji Hayashi (player name Hayao)

twitter: @ 880880880880

Features (Kaku Game Player Wiki) Hugo God in the west of Strike III 3rd.
Hugo, who is considered to be a weak character in the 3rd, is very popular because he throws down even a strong player if he gets hooked. It is rumored that Hayao’s arcade stick has a gigas button in order to decide the super arts gigas breaker (two rotations of the lever) from every scene.
Gigas on the dash in front of the opponent, Gigas by red-blowing TC, SC Gigas by intentionally blowing the technique. Standing Gigas, which is difficult to input, can be pulled off normally.
Kira is used in the Arcana series.
Nico live broadcaster. Famous as brown in Nico Nico Douga. A gamer who can also dance. Also famous as a cosplayer. Anecdote (Gigas Button)
“Hugo” has a super arts (abbreviation: SA) with two lever rotations called “Gigas Breaker (commonly known as Gigas)”. From the command of 2 rotations of the lever, the difficulty level was high, and the timing when the 3rd specification could be decided was narrowed down.
Meanwhile, in the Kansai region, there was a blue Hugo who decided at a timing when he was not sure when he was preparing this difficult SA. The fighting gamer and dancer who used the blue Hugo was “Hayao”. An urban legend was born from the accuracy of the gigas breaker and the timing that ordinary people cannot understand.
There is still an anecdote that the control panel of the housing on which Hayao sits has a Gigas button that opens a gigas breaker just by pressing it … (* Finally, Hayao’s housing It even came to the story that there are 9 buttons on the body)

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