A group of women who regularly hold PR content production by drones and pilot training sessions announced that they will start activities as HANABI from June 27th.

The newly released website will start accepting inquiries and introducing examples for disseminating the appeal of companies and local governments and solving problems.
Website: https://drone-hanabi.com/

Women who regularly create PR content and pilot training sessions with drones will gather and start activities as HANABI from June 27 (Location: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Mayu Chiba). On the newly released website, we will start to introduce examples and accept inquiries for disseminating the appeal of companies and local governments and solving problems.

What is HANABI? Three features]

    1. Create content that
      conveys the appeal of the region using drones Combining aerial photography and ground photography using drones, we will convey the appeal of the region more effectively. Experienced people with flight qualifications, instructor qualifications, and nationwide flight permits for unmanned aerial vehicles from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will be present at the shooting. To do.
  1. The strength of Hanahi members is “○○ × drone” (multiplication by skill sharing).
    Hanahi members aim to create value by combining their individual vocational expertise with drones. The expertise of the seven startup members is WEB production, public relations / PR, utilization of social media, DTP design, event MC

And so on. It is possible to solve problems by combining the experience of regions, companies / organizations, and individual skills, rather than using drones.

    1. It is made up of members who work in a variety of ways.
      Huafe has a wide range of members, including office workers, office workers, and parallel workers. We feel that the majority of people say, “I don’t know what to do,” as work style reforms such as the limits of lifetime employment and promotion of side businesses progress. Kafei wants to be a platform that walks with people who want to open up the future by making the most of their personality.

[Group profile]
Group name: HANABI
Members : Mayu Chiba (representative), Izumi Yamabata, and 2 others
Established: June 27, 2019
Address: 1-11 Minami Tokiwadai , Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Business description : Creating content that conveys the appeal of the region using drones
Video production, WEB planning, public relations / PR, event MC, etc.
Contact: Phone number: 050-5361-7214
Email address: info@drone-hanabi.com
URL: Web Site: https://drone-hanabi.com/

【Results of Activities】

Community-based company x drone
Worked with local governments in Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and community-based companies to create video content that emphasizes the appeal of the region.
From planning the entire project to direction, drone shooting, video editing, information dissemination on SNS, etc.
Agriculture x drone

` Drocon 2019 in KAWACHI”

Responsible for the event management secretariat of the contest to explore the possibility of agricultural use of drones held in Ibaraki Prefecture, and handles all aspects of event implementation such as production of official websites, posters and leaflets, social media operation, and arrangement of management staff on the day of the event. Run.

[Representative profile]

After working for a web production company and a game development company for smartphones, he became independent in 2017.

1) WEB production direction, 2) game and application development project manager, 3) event moderator / MC.

I learned how to operate a drone when I took the opportunity to undertake a drone school web production job. From the middle of 2018, with the increase in drone-related work, including myself

Begin to focus on creating a place for people involved in drones to play an active role.

We are good at solving client problems by combining the skills of various individuals.