On June 18, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled how to make “Ultimate Onigiri, ASIMO Onigiri” on official Twitter and YouTube for the first time in Japan. June 18th is Onigiri Day.

“Onigiri Day” is a memorial day set by Rokusei Town in Ishikawa Prefecture, when the fossil of Japan’s oldest rice ball was discovered in the remains of a pit dwelling in Ishikawa Prefecture. In 2002, it became an anniversary certified by the Japan Anniversary Association.

In the video, ASIMO’s face is well represented by placing seaweed cut into a kamaboko shape on the rice ball.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. called for posting on Twitter and SNS with the hashtags “#ASIMO Onigiri” and “#Kyaraben Beginner”.

From Twitter

Many Twitter users said, “The idea is amazing,” “Cute,” and “I could make it,” and some of them said, “I thought ASIMO would hold it.”

ASIMO is now

Last year, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it had completed the development of the bipedal humanoid robot “ASIMO,” which it had been developing so far, and indicated that it would focus on the technological development of practical robots.
The development of humanoid robots will continue.

Thumbnail image quote …: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSiEHPwI4Q8 )