Kyxz Mendiola from the Philippines has invented an electric manned aerial vehicle he calls Koncepto Milenya.

The Milenya is a kind of an ultra-light aircraft designed so that photographers, like Mr. Mendiola, can be in the air with the drone when taking aerial photos.

“Isa ako doon sa mga taong nag-umpisa mag-build ng drones just to fly with cameras. I was always curious kung ano yung feeling ng lumipad using my own creation,”
(“I am one of those people who started building drones just to fly with cameras. I was always curious about what it would be like flying using my own creation.”)

The project reportedly took six years to make and was solely funded by Mendiola’s years of saving that reached a number of millions.

Today, Mendiola is working alongside partner investors to enhance and sell his creations. He has even made a prototype of this invention called Future Eight that could carry 100 kilos inside it compared to the 50 kilos limit of the Milenyal.

Mendiola has high hopes for his invention, citing that it can be used as an alternative for escaping the heavy traffic of Manila, the country’s Capital and a rescue drone that can be used to aid fire fighters.

Mr. Mendiola’s initial love for photography has turned into a great promise for the future of the drone industry.