Japan Infrastructure Waymark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Takumi Shibata, hereafter JIW) is a PHOENIX JAPAN User Group (address) organized by companies that own high-performance drone lasers manufactured by Phoenix. : Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Chairman: Naohiro Ukai (PHOENIX User Group), i-Construction compatible drone laser survey service “Waymark Laser Survey / Recovery Support Service” (hereinafter, this service) will be launched.

    1. Background of the business alliance While
      public infrastructure is aging, the number of engineers who maintain the infrastructure is decreasing. In the surveying area as well, although the market size is said to be 100 billion yen, the number of companies that register surveying businesses in the country has decreased by 20% after peaking in 2003, and half of the workers are aging to over 50 years old. * 1, and improving the efficiency of surveying and design work has become an issue.
      JIW provides infrastructure inspection and diagnosis services that utilize drones, and as one of them, we have been developing drone photogrammetry services in the surveying area, but this time we have formed a business tie-up with the PHOENIX User Group and consultants nationwide.・ We have decided to start providing a one-stop “laser survey / recovery support service” in collaboration with a surveyor.
  • 1 From “Transition of registrants of construction-related banks” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and “Transition by age of members of the National Surveying and Design Industry Association”

. Outline of laser survey / restoration support service
This service is a survey service provided by qualified personnel such as construction consultants / surveyors, and is used for topographical surveys in disaster areas, forest areas, steep slopes, etc., 3D design data for ICT construction, and construction. It can be used for on-site volume surveys and groundbreaking surveys.

    1. Main features of this service

Features <1> Laser surveying using a drone can reduce the construction period and cost from the conventional method
Compared to the polygonal survey * 2, this service can reduce the construction period and cost. In addition, by utilizing drone laser surveying, it is possible to survey from the sky even in places where people cannot enter or on the ground surface covered with trees.
* 2 This is a method of measuring the size of land by repeating the work of measuring the distance and angle between two points.

Features <2> One-stop and speedy provision from drone aerial photography to surveying and design
We have established a system that can respond quickly in cooperation with 19 construction consultants / surveyors nationwide. In addition, we can provide one-stop service for each process.

Features <3> New and old data can be compared, which is useful
for recovery assessment. By generating data for recovery assessment by comparing old and new using national photogrammetric data with a maximum resolution of 17 cm handled by JIW, data of necessary parts can be compared only when necessary. It can be analyzed and the cost of recovery assessment is greatly reduced.

  1. Future Development
    JIW will develop a business that supports a wide range of customers’ infrastructure inspection and repair work, from inspection and diagnosis work to design and repair plan formulation.
    The global laser surveying market, which is estimated to be 28 billion yen as of 2016, is expected to continue to grow at a CAGR of 12% annually toward 2022. Challenges With the technology cultivated in Japan, which is a developed country, as a weapon, we aim to create a social environment where people can live with peace of mind by reducing the burden on businesses based on the vision of “I want to support the people who support me” with a view to the global market. I will continue.