Clean bedding is essential for a pleasant trip.
Then, an epoch-making sterilization robot was born.

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It is a smart robot “CleanseBot” developed by Cleansebot that kills bacteria with the power of ultraviolet rays (UV-C light).

The highly accurate self-propelled function by mapping with multiple AI sensors and the ultraviolet light emitted from four places in total sterilize the bed and the futon at the same time.

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The sterilization time can be selected from 30 minutes and 60 minutes, and it can be operated for 3 hours with a 4-hour charge.
The size is about 13 cm in diameter, the body is 220 g, and the lightweight body is not troublesome to carry.

There are three modes that can be used: “under blanket mode” that sterilizes ordinary beds, “handheld mode” that can also be used to sterilize stuffed animals and cutting boards, and “power supply mode” instead of mobile batteries. ..

Please see the following video for details.


With this one, you may be able to sleep comfortably in any bed.