IKEA, which manufactures and sells furniture, announced that it will release robot furniture “Rognan” jointly developed with American furniture startup “Ori Living”.

ROGNAN from IKEA Today on Vimeo .


“Rognan” is a smart piece of furniture that integrates a bed, sofa and closet, and is a piece of furniture that allows you to use a small living space more efficiently.
The furniture can be moved with the push of a button, making it a simple all-in-one design.

It is scheduled to be released in Japan and Hong Kong, which have a high population density, ahead of the rest of the world by the end of 2020.

By introducing “Rognan”, it is possible to save about 86 square feet of living space.
The smaller the house, the more benefits of “Rognan” will be and the more space it will save in terms of volume.

It is a very intriguing product as to how it will be assembled, whether it will be sold only as a finished product, and how it will be delivered and installed in a small Japanese house.

IKEA supports everyday life

IKEA says, “Urban populations are constantly growing. There are populous cities that are consuming both of their land resources at an unsustainable pace, but IKEA lives for many. I want to make it better. ”

At this stage, the price of Rognan is not yet known.