Many states in the United States have taken several progressive steps toward legalization of Bitcoin and altcoins over the past year and a half.

The Seminole county of Florida was the first county in the U.S. to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for public taxes last year. The state of Ohio had also taken huge leaps towards the payment of taxes in the form of crypto. The state of Wyoming just recently introduced a bill that would make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have the same legal status as regular money if passed. Just a week ago, the state of New Hampshire introduced a bill that would legalize Bitcoin for state payments.

Now, the state of Indiana, following the footsteps of the other states, proposed their own
bill that will recognize crypto payments as valid forms of tax payments.

The Indiana House Bill number 1683 aims to amend the existing tax code and legalize the use of virtual currencies to pay taxes, penalties, etc. The amendment will come into force from July if it will be approved by the General Assembly, individuals and companies will then be able to pay taxes in any form of virtual currency.

The proposed bill states that the county treasurer would determine the value of payment made by using the existing exchange rates.