SmileMe Co., Ltd. is to let children get used to it while having fun by touching “drone”, which is attracting a lot of attention as a next-generation technology, and to make children feel more familiar with the latest technology in the future. “2019 SAITAMA DRONE CHALLENGE” will be held with the aim of.

This summer, children will engage in a hot battle using drones throughout Saitama Prefecture.

[Drone education from Saitama! ]

By touching the “drone”, which is attracting a lot of attention as a next-generation technology,
and getting used to it while having fun,
we aim to make the latest technology more familiar and to be a source of future food for children.
You can also experience programming that will be compulsory in elementary school in 2020.

[The second race! Aim for a high score in a team of two! ]

(1) Drone race: A race in which the speed to the goal is competed using the maneuvering mode.
Point: Use your eyes and the drone’s camera!

(2) Drone programming:
A competition in which one person designs a driving route on the course and the other person programs it to clear a more difficult mission.
Point: Combination of two people and strategy & judgment!

Let’s work together to win the championship! !!
A large-scale event sponsored by the Saitama Prefectural Board of Education!
Luxury prizes are also available ☆ 彡


Organizer: SMILEME Co., Ltd. (Class name: SMIELTECH)
Special sponsorship: Docomo CS Saitama Branch
Sponsor: DJI JAPAN Co., Ltd./Nippon Institute of Technology / DRONE STAR Programming
   little Bits / Aoyama Gakuin University-affiliated Urawa Lutheran Academy / 
Support: Saitama Prefecture Board of Education /
   Chichibu City Board of Education, Kawajima Town, Saitama Prefecture / Kote City Board of Education / Miyashiro Town Board of Education / Kawajima Town Board of Education