“Minene” won the first prize at the 1st BEST PLAYER AWARD. Minene won the “Premium Dog Fight 2017” national championship of “Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS.Maxi Boost ON” held last year, and the latest work of the series “Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS.2” held last year. (Hereinafter referred to as EXVS2), the national championship of “Premium Dog Fight 2019” is a great player who achieved a good runner-up. This time, we asked Mr. Minene about her impression of the award and her attitude toward the game.

Interview with Minene

-Please tell us your impressions.
It was a sudden win, so I’m happy, but I’m very surprised.

-There are various game competitions, but please let us know the criteria for participation.
If you play and think you can’t aim for the championship, I will play. There is no point in appearing if you do not have the confidence to win.

-How long do you usually play games?
It has decreased from before. Even if I do it, it takes about 3 hours a day.

-Are you playing games since childhood?
No, it’s not. When I was in elementary school, I only studied.

-So what made you start the game?
I’m playing the Gundam VS series, but I’ve always loved anime, and I was addicted to a work called Gundam SEED. After that, when I went to a game center with a friend at school, I knew about the VS series because the friend was playing, and when I played with it I was addicted.

-Is there anything you would like to convey to readers or viewers of You Tube channel?
I want to teach you how to win rather than teach the basics. From my personal opinion, it’s a game that you can’t win even if you learn only the basics, so I think it’s possible to ignore the basics and learn how to win. I’m winning with that style, so I hope I can tell you about that.

-Is it important to find a tag companion in EXVS2?
There are fixed and shuffle in EXVS2, and the upper layer is doing fixed only, so it is important to find a partner. It’s important to find a partner if you want to be better, as you can play with them and tactics can be refined.

-Are you particular about consumers and social games?
There is no particular. If it’s fun, I’m playing. I’m also doing a lot of FPS games, and I’m trying to play that one game I’m addicted to, so I won’t play other games.

-Do you play other Gundam series as well?
Only the VS series. I want to do it.

-What have you been up to playing?
PDF It was when I won the 2017 championship. I was really happy at that time. Last year’s PDF2019 was dented because I was defeated after being taken three in the final. I was happy with the runner-up, but I was most happy when I won.

-Do you have any expectations for future e-sports?
Even though esports is recognized as a sport, many people around me do not think so. The game had a bad impression, and I was told to study without playing when I was a child. I want such games to eliminate the image of evil. Since esports is also recognized as a sport, I would be happy if people around me could recognize that.

-Finally, what is a game for Mine-san?
It’s a bit long because I can’t describe it in one word, but I had a hard time changing my life after encountering the game. However, I met many people in the game world, and I am grateful for that.

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