On July 25, 2019, GROUND Co., Ltd., a leader in LogiTech® in Japan, announced that it has signed a formal contract to introduce an autonomous collaborative robot for research and development to Diamond Head Co., Ltd.

With the conclusion, the autonomous collaborative robot will be adopted for advanced fashion EC operations to be built with the current logistics service provider.

The autonomous collaborative robot developed by GROUND Co., Ltd. is different from existing human-following robots, and the robot itself can acquire position information in real time and map it to a physical layout.
Japan will be the first to introduce an autonomous collaborative robot equipped with such advanced technology to EC / logistics sites.

On Thursday, July 25, 2019, GROUND Inc. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hirotomo Miyata, hereinafter “GROUND”), which leads LogiTech® * 1 in Japan, will be researched and developed by the company. Formal contract regarding the introduction of Autonomous Mobile Robot (hereinafter referred to as “AMR”) to Diamond Head Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koichiro Shibata, hereinafter “Diamond Head”) Was signed.
As a result, AMR will be adopted in November 2019 for advanced fashion e-commerce operations that Diamond Head will build with current logistics service providers.

AMR, which GROUND is researching and developing, is different from existing AGV * 2 and human-following robots, and the robot itself acquires position information in real time by linking advanced SLAM * 3 technology with cameras and lasers. However, it can be mapped to a physical layout. This is the first time in Japan that AMR equipped with such advanced technology will be introduced at EC / logistics sites.

AMR, which GROUND is researching and developing, is an autonomous collaborative robot equipped with cutting-edge technology that is unique in the world. I am very pleased that this AMR was adopted for EC operations for the first time in Japan. In honor of Diamond Head’s advanced efforts, we will accelerate EC and logistics reforms together.

We support the development and operation of electronic commerce (EC) systems for more than 100 fashion and apparel companies, but we will continue to accelerate and grow. In order to support the EC business, I strongly felt that GROUND’s AMR is a practical and very practical solution in the EC & distribution field.
I would like to work on EC & logistics reform with GROUND and the current logistics service provider.

1. Background and purpose of introducing AMR

While EC has grown into a social infrastructure with the development of the Internet, the working-age population is declining due to the declining birthrate and aging population, consumer needs are becoming more sophisticated and diversified, delivery is shortened, labor costs and transportation costs are rising. The environment surrounding EC and logistics is becoming more severe, and it is required to respond to various issues.
Furthermore, depending on the business scale of the EC / logistics company, it is difficult to make a large investment in equipment for promoting labor saving and automation in the warehouse, which is one of the factors that delays domestic logistics reform.

Since its establishment in 2015, GROUND has aimed to create new value in the logistics industry and build a logistics platform “Intelligent Logistics ® * 1” that allows anyone to use solutions that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI and robotics. I am.

In addition, since Diamond Head signed a business alliance agreement with the current logistics service provider in 2011, it has provided one-stop services from development and operation support of EC systems for domestic and overseas fashion and apparel companies to logistics operations. We are aiming to develop and provide next-generation EC business platforms in order to respond to the accelerating globalization.

By introducing AMR this time, we will share the technologies and know-how of both companies, and promote the creation of new EC operations in Japan and the reform of EC and logistics together.

2. Overview of AMR introduction

Introduced robot: Autonomous collaborative robot (AMR)
Introduced: November 2019 (planned) * This period includes the demonstration experiment period associated with individual introduction.
Introduced Number: 30 units
introduction Location: Address Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture Shintoyofuta 3-1 GLP Kashiwa 5th floor
     warehouse (facility) Kashiwa Distribution Center
     breadth 1,179.75 square meters

3. Features of AMR that GROUND promotes research and development

(1) By linking the advanced SLAM * 3 technology with a camera / laser, the robot itself can acquire position information in real time and map it to a physical layout. Furthermore, since it is possible to drive autonomously without setting route information, the optimum route that avoids obstacles on the route is selected.

(2) Speedy introduction is possible without making major changes to the work operations and layout in the distribution facility.

(3) Intuitive operability minimizes training for workers.

  • 1: “LogiTech” and “Intelligent Logistics” are registered trademarks or trademarks of GROUND Inc.
  • 2: Abbreviation for Automatic Guided Vehicle. Automatic guided vehicle. Forklifts and trolleys for unmanned transportation and cargo handling. There are types with orbits and types without orbits.
  • 3: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Technology that grasps the surrounding environment with sensors, creates a map, and estimates the position of the robot itself based on the acquired data.

■ About Diamond Head Co., Ltd.

Business overview: Fashion and apparel EC site production, development and provision of EC system
Established: June 2006
2-7-13 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo TDS Mita Building 6 / 7F Representative: Koichiro Shibata
Capital : 100 million yen
URL:  http://diamondhead.jp/

■ About GROUND Inc.

GROUND is a company that provides innovative solutions based on the world’s most advanced technology (LogiTech) in the logistics field with the aim of realizing “Intelligent Logistics”. GROUND members, including representative Miyata, have a wealth of experience not only in logistics and supply chains, but also in data science and marketing, and have a wide range of knowledge and networks regarding the latest technologies in Japan and overseas. Against this background, we provide solutions composed of optimal hardware and software that consider the balance between supply and demand for logistics operations that are becoming more sophisticated and complex on a daily basis.

Company name: GROUND Inc.
Business overview: Providing logistics solutions utilizing technology
Established: April 2015
Location: 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hirotomo Miyata
Capital: 100 million Yen (end of March 2019)
URL:  https://groundinc.co.jp