Heisei is finally over, and even in the new era, the game continues to evolve, and the fusion of real and virtual is steadily progressing.
In such a new era, in order to remember the nostalgic memories once, this time we will introduce the peripheral devices of the game that was taken care of in Heisei, mainly in the 90’s in a ranking format.
Please note that there may or may not be some memory corrections by the author.

Top 10 nostalgic game peripherals that were taken care of by Heisei

[10th] “SEGA Multi Controller” -SEGA Saturn

An analog controller released on July 5, 1996, pioneering the now indispensable “trigger button”, commonly known as “Marcon” . It was released at the same time as the masterpiece “NiGHTS” of Sega Saturn software. By switching the mode switch, you can switch whether to use the direction key or the analog key, and the left and right analog triggers, which were epoch-making at that time, allowed you to experience the accelerator, brake, etc. of the drive game more realistically. .. Can also be used as a normal Sega Saturn control pad.

[9th] “GunCon” – PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3

That design that tickled the child’s mind
A gun-type controller for the PlayStation series released by Namco. GunCon, GunCon 2, and GunCon 3 were released for each PS, PS2, and PS3 numbering.
In the end, there were not so many compatible software in each series. The current PS VR shooting controller has a simple and pop design, but the GunCon series has a black base and a rugged design like a real gun.
Many children at that time longed for the first GunCon with a design like SOCOM Mk.23, a hand gun familiar with Metal Gear (I think).

[8th place] “Dance Dance Revolution dedicated controller” -PS, PS2, N64, DC, GC, Wii, XBOX, XBOX360

controller for the home version of Dance Dance Revolution, which is a popular series that continues to this day . Starting with the PlayStation, it was released on many home video game consoles.
I think there are many people who have found and bought a used dedicated controller at a discount. And since it can be used in other games, I was able to enjoy it in various ways, such as using it in racing games and action games.
I want to do whole body exercise while playing games, and without spending money! I still recommend it to those who say. Just play and diet.

[7th] “Multiboy” – GAMEBOY poket

peripheral device for Game Boy Pocket that was sold by “Pony”, who is familiar with Jump and Korokoro’s back cover mail order, instead of the light boy who had obtained the license of Nintendo, which was bought from the Korokoro spine mail order.
With an armor-like impression, speakers on both sides and lights and a magnifying glass at the top of the screen made it possible to play games on loud, wide screens and even in the dark.
By the way, the Game Boy Light is a little big, so I managed to install it if I was prepared to make the frame a little snappy and gave up the attachment of the arrow keys and buttons.

[6th] “Memory Expansion Pack (High Reso Pack)” – NINTENDO64

The red one I bought somehow because I didn’t understand the meaning at that time
. The peripheral device of NINTENDO 64 released by Nintendo on June 18, 1999.
The memory of NINTENDO 64 can be expanded by 36Mbit (4MB). The bundled version of software such as Donkey Kong 64 that cannot be started without a memory expansion pack has been released. It was also required for 64DD.
Open the cover that says “MEMORY EXPANSION” in front of the top of the main unit , remove the sticker that says “Do not remove”, take out the terminator pack, and insert it there.
At that time, many people would hesitate to “Don’t peel off” for a moment.
The product name was “High Reso Pack” when it was first released, but the product name was changed from Donkey Kong 64 to “Memory Expansion Pack”

[5th] “Super Multi Tap” -Super Nintendo

Let’s do Bomberman!
Peripheral device that allows 3 or more people to play Super Nintendo games released by Otomo Hudson. There are 4 controller terminals, and up to 5 players can play at the same time.
There must be many people who gathered at a friend’s house and did Bomberman. However, although it was at my friend’s house, I feel that there are surprisingly few people who own it.
There are taps from Bomberman-shaped Super Multi Tap 2 and HORI, but the functions are basically the same.

[4th] “Super Game Boy” -Super Nintendo

A Game Boy compatible peripheral device released by Nintendo on June 14, 1994 that interferes with 1P with the 2P graffiti function .
After that, the skeleton blue “Super Game Boy 2”, which was equipped with a communication terminal and improved the problems that occurred in the first generation, was released.
By the way, you can see the staff roll by entering “RRRLLLRRRRRRR”.

[3rd place] “PocketStation” – PlayStation

A small portable game machine that works with the PlayStation released on January 23, 1999, which was revived on Vita and had many compatible works . It is a peripheral device with a monochrome LCD screen, operation buttons, and an infrared communication port.
In addition to transferring game data from compatible software and playing as a portable game machine, it can also be used as a normal memory card.
Initially, the glossy white model was selected, but then the skeleton body crystal model was released. In addition, a crystal black model is included in the limited edition of “Yu-Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters Sealed Memories”, and a clear pink model is included in the limited edition of “Tokimeki Memorial 2”.
Cumulative shipments are said to be 4.9 million units, and at the time of launch, shipments could not temporarily catch up with demand in Japan, and in the end, they were not sold only by PR in North America and Europe.

[2nd place] “Rumble Pak” – NINTENDO64

The vibration of the controller
was released by Nintendo on April 27, 1997, which started from here .
It has a built-in vibrator, and if a character or the like receives an impact while playing compatible software, it will vibrate together with the controller.
The power supply uses two AAA alkaline batteries, not from the controller. It had a built-in motor for the CD drive.
At that time, it was epoch-making that the controller vibrated, and the first software to support “Star Fox 64” sold more than 4 million units worldwide, and Guinness World Records was the best-selling shooting game software in the world. It is registered in Records.

[1st place] “Communication cable” -GAMEBOY series

Since the
connector shape of the original Game Boy, which has been indebted for a long time from the first generation to the advance, and the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, and Game Boy Color are different, a conversion connector was required.
In GBA, it became a dedicated cable, and the distinction between 1P and 2P and support for multiplayer play have changed significantly. By the way, even in the GB era, there was a 4-person adapter quietly.
The Pokemon generation is probably the most helpful peripheral device.

Sometimes old games

Nowadays, there are many smartphone apps and free games, which is a big change from the 90’s, and there are a lot of choices for games.
While there are many options, I think I’ve become less fond of one game.
Why don’t you pick up the games you used to play or the games you couldn’t play and immerse yourself in the nostalgic feeling you forgot.