Mizutamari Bond’s fried rice video became a hot topic overseas and was published in the US “TIME” magazine,
Hajime Syacho’s huge gummy video became a hot topic in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and it exceeded 100 million views. The activities of domestic youtubers overseas have also become prominent.

You can feel the potential of youtube from the perspective of expanding overseas because you can send it to the whole world without being aware of it.

In fact, youtubers who are actively expanding overseas are also appearing.


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Many companies are expanding overseas as the domestic market shrinks, but the appeal of overseas expansion is the size of the market.

The world’s population is about 7.5 billion , simply 75 times that of Japan . Moreover, Japan’s population continues to decline, but the world’s population continues to grow.

The same is true for youtube, the world market is large, and the number of subscribers is the Indian music channel called T-Seeries, which has more than 100 million people . It’s an incredible number. On the other hand, Hajime Syacho’s channel has the highest number of subscribers in Japan at 8 million, which is a clear difference.

Considering the domestic youtube market of Red Ocean, it is thought that some youtubers will expand overseas in search of growth potential as well as companies.

But, of course, there are language barriers.
Even so, in English, we can expect a market that is 15 times that of Japan.
English 1.5 billion
Chinese 1.1 billion
Hindi 650 million
Spanish 400 million
French 350 million

While Japanese services and goods are expanding overseas, will youtuber also expand overseas? Will Japanese youtubers who are active in the world come out? We will continue to pay attention to it.