Japanese who developed Pokemon GO
Tatsuo Nomura

■ Profile
 Born in Heilongjiang Province, China in 1986 Born in Nagano Prefecture
 Shinshu University Faculty of Engineering Department of Information Engineering
 Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Information Engineering Master’s Program
 Google Engineer
 Niantic Game Creator

■ Birthplace My
grandmother is a Japanese who remains in China and grew up in the countryside of China as a child.
He lived in a house made of straw and soil, and lived a very poor life that was unthinkable in Japan, where
his staple food was corn porridge and his dessert was sugar melted in water and frozen outdoors

At the age of nine, he moved to Tokyo relying on his Japanese relatives and then spent his childhood in Nagano prefecture.
When I was little, I loved games, and I enjoyed playing games at my friend’s house.
Around this time, he met “Pokemon” and became more absorbed in the game.
In junior high school, I became more interested in the mechanics of games than playing games.
Starting with a part-time job in newspaper delivery, he bought a PC for a part-time job and learned programming by himself.

In order to deepen my knowledge of computers, I went on to an information university or graduate school.
When I was a student, I applied for an internship at Google and was successfully hired.
This led me to join Google.
As an engineer, he was involved in the development of Google Maps.

The company has a culture of planning jokes on April Fool’s Day.
In that project, Mr. Nomura
proposes and announces “Dragon Quest-style Google Maps” using dot pictures like Dragon Quest and “Google Maps Pokemon Challenge” to search for 150 types of Pokemon.

The project at this time will later lead to Pokemon GO.

■ Development of Pokemon GO
Niantic, the developer, was originally started as a Google project.
The same Google Maps developer as Mr. Nomura is the CEO, and he is
creating a game called “Ingress” that uses location information . Pokemon GO is being developed by combining the
GPS technology, geographic data analysis technology, and augmented reality (AR) technology used in this game

In addition, Pokemon GO uses a gyro sensor
(called an angular velocity sensor) built into the smartphone to detect the tilt of the terminal, and
when synthesizing the background captured by the camera and Pokemon, it is expressed as if it were in the real world.

As a game director, Mr. Nomura managed the product of Pokemon GO development, and
the game has become a game that people all over the world are enthusiastic about from its release to the present