Smart Shopping Co., Ltd. officially announced the service launch of the new IoT product “Smart Mat” today after preparing for two years of test marketing, prototyping and software development.

Representative Director Hidetoshi Hayashi

Introduction of new IoT product “Smart Mat”

“Smart Mat” constantly measures the remaining amount and weight of the measured products placed on the mat, visualizes inventory in real time, and automates everything up to ordering, so that offices, drinking shops, etc. IoT realizes efficiency and inventory optimization by reducing the work burden on sites such as factories, warehouses, logistics, sales, and hospitals.

[Compatible with products of a wide range of sizes and weights]

  • A3 (40 x 30 cm) up to 100 kg in 100 g units
  • A4 (30 x 20 cm) up to 30 kg in 10 g units
  • Measurement with multiple mat combinations is also possible

[Cable-less, can be placed anywhere]
-Operates continuously for one year with 4 AA batteries (power supply can also be driven)
-Wireless communication via Wi-Fi

[Affordable price setting]
-Narrow down to the ultimate function as a dedicated machine
-Cheap price than manually done

[Overseas use is also possible]

  • US, China, Taiwan (supported)
  • EU, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia (certified)

[Manage inventory data with software on the cloud]
-Check the inventory of products-
Automatically calculate the consumption speed when inventory data is accumulated-
“Anomaly detection alert” function for static data-
Management of expiration date
-Inventory We will notify you by e-mail of too little or too much storage

  • About use in refrigerators and freezers
    ・ Since it supports 0 to 35 degrees, there is no problem with refrigerators, but it is not recommended for freezers because the battery drains faster.

  • Correspondence when software behaves unexpectedly
    ・Correspondence by updating firmware

Benefits of introduction

  • In the field of labor shortage, productivity is improved by machines doing what people do, work efficiency is improved, motivation is eliminated due to simple work, concentration on important work, leading to reduction of turnover rate
  • Wrong ordering Zero counting mistakes
  • By maintaining the inventory level, there is no risk of missing sales due to inventory loss or shortages.

[Advantages in comparison with similar solutions (AI camera / RFID)]

  • Just place it under inventory
  • No wiring required (battery-powered)
  • Easy demonstration experiment with some products
  • No server maintenance required
  • Continuous tagging No need, battery replacement is once a year

Full-scale guide ⼊ ⽼舗company founded more than 100 years to engage in the drinking ⾷店-shop for tourists in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, which was to determine the “finite company Webiya” Representative Director ⼩_⽥ Haruki Shima ⽒ end a demonstration experiment in one year , All inventory will be managed by smart mat from November 15th.

Executive Officer of “Ozax Co., Ltd.”, a trading company specializing in paper, film, and consumables that has a business alliance and expands worldwide

Keigo Hara, President of Business IoT Planning Department, Business IoT Promotion Headquarters, KDDI CORPORATION, which has been conducting demonstration experiments in collaboration with KDDI Corporation, has started offering “KDDI IoT Cloud Mat Sensor”.

Fee (service usage model)

Service usage fee  500-1000 yen / unit per month
(discount when the number of installed units increases)

  • Including use of cloud software (management page, remaining amount alert, email ordering), hardware rental
  • If software customization such as web / fax ordering is required, estimate separately

Initial cost   200,000 yen → 50,000 yen
(Limited campaign until March 2019)

  Billing for actual shipping costs
(nationwide, excluding Okinawa and remote islands)

Demonstration experiment results and plans with the industry (company name in alphabetical order)

  • Echigoya Co. , Ltd.
  • Ebiya Co., Ltd.
  • Ozax Co. , Ltd.
  • KDDI Corporation
  • Sojitz Co., Ltd.
  • Nippon Steri Co. , Ltd.
  • Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
  • Media Wave Co. , Ltd.

Future outlook for smart mats

  • Alliance with top companies
  • New product plans (small models, next-generation communication installed, integrated machines, optional products)
  • Strengthening machine learning / AI
  • Advance into general households

Smart Shopping Company Company Profile
Company Name: Smart Shopping Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takayuki Shiga / Hidetoshi Hayashi
Established: November 2014
Location: 2-1-22 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Planet Building 5F
Capital: 220,930,000 yen (capital reserve) (Including)
Business description: Operation of price comparison site for daily necessities and food stores
     Development and operation of automatic purchase service using
smart mat URL: Smart mat
     Smart shopping
Inquiries :