JIX is a digital gadget, that is, a site where you can buy and sell IT-related items.
The biggest feature is that users can ” evaluate the value of the product, raise the price, and resell it.”

This time, the future media reporter, Machine Girls’ Group, interviewed JIX.

What is JIX

JIX (Japan IT Exchange) is a market site that has just started. Currently, the number of products is about 200, but first of all, it is said that the number of listings will be increased as a flea market site that mainly interacts with individuals.
The difference from major market sites is that resale is the main focus.
The feature is that the initial investment in resale can be suppressed, and it is possible to start resale by paying 10% of the product. It is possible to buy and sell not only goods but also “rights”, so please see the JIX homepage for details.

Many of them are sleeping at home and are of public value.
Mania gathers in such seemingly forgotten things. And by buying and selling it on JIX, the value of “things” goes up. Mr. Okubo said he
wanted to run the economy with something buried in the world .

JIX mainly deals with digital gadgets, but it can sell a wide range of items such as telephone cards.
Mr. Okubo said that the number of resales makes a profit for both sellers and buyers, and I want people who want to make money by investing and enthusiasts to use JIX first.

Let’s get started with JIX

JIX is a flea market with a mechanism that makes both sellers and buyers profitable by reselling. The unprecedented specifications may become popular in the future.
First of all, please register for free and try the flea market where you decide the value of the product yourself.

JIX homepage