Dr. Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, Associate Professor and Director of the Continuum Robotics Laboratory, recently promoted her new invention to promote continuum robotics: a jointless robot that may help in medical surgery.

“Continuum robotics is very different from what [one] commonly know[s] as a robot. Continuum robots are inspired by nature, for example, like elephant trunks, tongues, and worms. [They] don’t have any rigid links or joints [and] are actually continuous in shape.” Dr. Burgner-Kahrs explained

The continuum robots can also benefit industrial applications. Burgner-Kahrs says that for the “maintenance and repair [of] object[s] such as aircraft engines, the robots could sneak in and observe if all the turbines are still intact. These robots could help automate this process to make it less tedious for technicians.” She reported in an earlier post by themedium.ca

This is a cutting edge advancement in the young Continuum Robotics and we can expect more updates in the future.