Liberdade GK belongs to the unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) management organization and unmanned aerial vehicle pilot training association certified by the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in March 2018, and as a training organization, the skill certification required for applying for a drone flight permit We have license schools that issue books in Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo.

Need for agricultural spray drone

Agricultural spraying work is a harsh work in which a large amount of sprayers must be carried and sprayed under the scorching sun, and at the same time, it is a work that involves physical risks and associated harvesting risks.

Agricultural spray drones are receiving a lot of attention because they make work easier and at the same time avoid those risks.

By using the service provided by Liberdade GK, it is possible to introduce a pesticide spray drone at a very low cost, and it is possible to improve the efficiency of agriculture at a low maintenance cost while taking comprehensive training. If drones are introduced and generalized, a new era of agriculture may be born.

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Started offering “Agricultural spray drone” that can spray not only pesticides and sowing but also herbicides, pesticides, snow melting agents, etc. (), and applied drone pilot (agriculture) training training necessary for maneuvering along with aircraft sales We will start providing related services such as aircraft support, aircraft support, and pilot service.
) Only liquid agent at the time of release. Granules will be available later this year.

Liberdade GK (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Shinkei Matsubara, hereafter Liberdade) was established in March 2018 as an IT company specializing in drones that provides total services for the drone business, and at the same time, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism A license school in Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo that belongs to the unmanned aerial vehicle operator training association, an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) management organization certified by the Aviation Bureau, and issues the skill certificate required for drone flight permission application as a training organization. We are developing. (We also offer on-site training for companies and groups.) In
addition, Autopilot (autopilot) is the leading company in the drone business that has the “Drone Business Academy”, the only drone school management organization for drone businesses in Japan. We provide operation management, control control, and business process management systems.

Need for agricultural spray drone

In Japan, there is concern that the number of workers in the primary industry, including agriculture, will decrease due to the aging of the population. Among them, the agricultural spraying work is carried out by carrying a sprayer of 10 kg or more for many days under the scorching sun. It is a rigorous task of having to do, and at the same time it is a task that involves physical risks and associated harvesting risks.
Agricultural spray drones are attracting a great deal of attention because they make work easier and eliminate those risks.

The latest and cheapest agricultural spray drone “FLIGHT S-AG”

FLIGHTS-AG is the latest and cheapest agricultural spray drone equipped with safety-conscious functions so that even inexperienced agricultural spray drones can use it with peace of mind.

Advantages of utilization

Reduced pesticide spraying work time
Approximately 10 minutes per ha, greatly reducing pesticide spraying work time. Another feature of FLIGHT S-AG is that it is compact in size and can be carried not only on light trucks but also on light vehicles, making it easy to carry.

Compared to conventional control work, the time required for preparation and tidying up is greatly reduced. You can work at the time you want to sprinkle without worrying about noise, and you can spray it in the middle and mountainous areas by taking advantage of its quick turning characteristics.

Achieving reasonable prices and maintenance costs
The aircraft price of conventional pesticide spraying drones is about 1.2 million to 3.5 million yen. We have realized a significant reduction in the price of the aircraft by narrowing down the functions that are really necessary and thoroughly reducing costs so that farmers who want to use the drone but give up on the price can also request it.

Regarding after-sales follow-up, we will prepare a support plan that you can choose according to your needs.

Free from heavy labor
The physical load of using a nebulizer commonly used in pest control work is 30g-60g when the weight of the drug is added to the weight of the nebulizer itself.

Also, depending on the area, it may be a midsummer day when the temperature rises to nearly 40 degrees Celsius. By utilizing FLIGHTS-AG, the physical burden caused by heavy labor is reduced.

Support by the business training management organization “Drone Business Academy (UBA)”
Industrial drones are large drones with killing ability unlike general consumer drones, so reliable operation skills are required for safety and security. You can.

“Drone Business Academy (UBA)” provides training by skilled instructors in industrial drones so that farmers can operate agricultural spray drones safely and securely, and farmers who are short of labor due to reasonable maneuvering service We provide a support system that reduces the burden on everyone.

Usage flow

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

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To steer an agricultural spray drone

Applied unmanned aerial vehicle pilot (applied drone pilot) training course

Agricultural spray drones are larger and more difficult to operate than regular consumer drones, so you need to be careful about accidents. As a matter of course, it is an absolute requirement for safe and secure drone flight to acquire the skills in the required flight form in advance and obtain a flight permit.

At Liberdade’s Drone License School, which focuses on corporate drone business support, we have prepared a training course for dedicated applied unmanned aerial vehicle operators (applied drone pilots) in order to fly agricultural spray drones safely. We are here.
Here you can learn from maintenance of the aircraft to maneuvering and automatic flight.

Not only pilots but also safe operation managers are required to actually fly, so at least two people need to train applied drone pilots locally.
If it is difficult to train drone pilots, we also have a maneuvering service for spraying work, so you can use that as well.

You also need to obtain a flight permit to fly in the same way.
There is also a flight permit application agency service for this, so you can use that as well.

Drone operation agency service reference price list introduction URL :

FLIGHTS endorsement comment

FLIGHTS Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes the spread of the pesticide spraying drone “FLIGHTS-AG” developed by our company in collaboration with Liberdade GK.
We hope that agricultural workers can use “FLIGHT S-AG” safely and with peace of mind through the nationwide network of Liberdade LLC and a high-level pilot training program.
In addition, we will continue to update the aircraft performance, develop new aircraft, and develop various software to support the operation, while listening to the voices of the actual users and agents.
Shuhei Togeshita, CEO of FLIGHTS Co., Ltd.

We are promoting the use of drones in various industries, aiming to generalize drones in agriculture, which is one of Japan’s major industries, and have developed our own pesticide spray drone. did. Equipped with sufficient functions required for pesticide spraying, while pursuing safety performance, we have realized a low-priced market offering that can be used by many agricultural workers. We also provide after-sales support according to your needs so that you can use it with confidence.
[About FLIGHTS Co., Ltd.]
In March 2016, we started aerial photography of drones. Experienced photographers and drone pilots who perform aerial photography, inspections and surveys for more than 500 flights a year are enrolled, and we also respond to consultations on the introduction of drones and cameras according to the usage of each industry, including photography. We also sell various equipment.
[About Liberdade GK]
Established in March 2018. Liberdade GK is headquartered in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, and has bases in Hiroshima and Tokyo. As a drone specialist company originating from an IT company advocating regional revitalization, from training pilots to realize safe and secure operation. We provide total services up to operation management.
For the drone industry, which is still uncertain, the purpose of the business is to transfer various know-how of the IT industry, which has already been proven, to comprehensively manage the operation of drones. In addition, since the drone business is an industry that requires many players, “connecting (matching)” them is also an important business, so Liberdade is “regional revitalization,” “safety and security,” and “connecting.” (Matching) ”is the three concepts.
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