In recent years, games using blockchain technology have been born.
In November 2017, the world’s first blockchain game, CryptoKitties, was released, and while it is a simple game of collecting and mating characters, it is open and smooth between users using smart contracts and characters and items. Has attracted worldwide attention because it remains a user’s asset. With this as a boundary, blockchain games have been developed all over the world, and famous titles have been released.

And last year, Japan’s first blockchain game “Kuripu Pig (Ton)” was released.

■ What is Kuripu pig (ton)?

This is Japan’s first pig breeding game using blockchain technology.
By blending the mysterious creature “Kuriputon” that lives on the blockchain, you can collect about 6,000 trillion characters in various colors and shapes.

Players can use the virtual (cryptocurrency) currency Ethereum to trade those “Kriptons” with each other. It is also possible to race and compete with other owners with the cultivated “Kuriputon”.

■ Interview

Mr. Kazuhisa Inoue (President and CEO of Good Track Three Co., Ltd.) responded to an interview with Future Media.

Q1. Please tell us about Good Track Three Co., Ltd.

With the theme of blockchain x entertainment, we are doing business with the goal of connecting the smiles of people all over the world.
We started the blockchain business in the summer of 2017, and from 2018 we have completely shifted to business development for about a year and a half.

The most hit content in the past was “Touch! Gudetama”, and in the field of video, we also produced the Asian-focused screening work “The Method of Life”.

Q2. What made you decide to make a blockchain game?

As it is said to be the second IT revolution, we consider blockchain to be a major innovation.
When we wanted to please people all over the world, we thought that incorporating blockchain technology was an effective way to do that.

Until now, digital content could not be completely owned by users even if they purchased it, and it disappeared when the service ended.
In the case of blockchain games, things that are played and raised or purchased can be left as the user’s assets. I think it’s a big innovation since the beginning of the Internet.

Just as Bitcoin appeared in the history of currency and cryptocurrency became popular, crypto assets were born in the history of digital contents and games, and they are about to spread. I thought these were in line with Good Track Three’s vision.

Q3. Why did you choose a pig when you can think of various characters?

If you think about it normally, cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. are popular,
but I felt that the sound of “Kuriputon” and the goodness of the pun were cute, so I chose “pig” intuitively and sensuously.

I think that the moment when innovation is born is not something that is born by building logic, but sensibility.
I think that the sensibilities of being cool and cute create innovation.
This time I believed in that sensibility.
As a result, it spread by word of mouth from the name of “Kuriputon” and the visual impact.

“The reason why I chose pigs is that they have come down,” Inoue strongly emphasizes.

Q4. Please tell us why you chose Ethereum from various cryptocurrencies.

There are two reasons: it was a virtual currency suitable for developing DApps at the beginning of development, and many people have Ethereum.
I think it’s best to choose the best platform for each occasion. We
also develop other platforms that are appropriate for the app and that suit the situation.

  • DApps (autonomous decentralized application): An autonomous decentralized application in which the entire system functions as a result of an unspecified number of people acting autonomously without a central administrator.

Q5. Who would you like to play Kuripu Pig?

The great thing about DApps is that it’s easy to play and build assets.
When we were young, we were told to study without playing. However, now that eSports etc. have become widespread, top gamers are in a situation where they can earn money from games.
Since the game is created by the developer who spends time and money, the user pays for it. However, if communication is the main focus of online games, it is actually a world created by developers and users together, and the profits generated there are not only for developers but also for users who are contributing to the creation of that world. I think it is a natural idea that it should be returned. I think it’s perfect for people who like online games and want to live there.

“Rather, I want to create the world of” games “with users,” Inoue said.

Q6. Please tell us your future prospects.

Regarding “Kuripu Pig”, we plan to strengthen the collection elements, assets, and game characteristics by developing updates. I would like to see pigs that make me want to give them as gifts, or on the contrary, make me want to get them.
As I came up with during the interview, it would be great if we could have a day to feed Kuripu pigs, such as Valentine’s Day and White Day.
It’s nice to remember that September 10th is Kuripu Pig Day, and it’s interesting to aim for 1 million pigs toward September 10th.

I really want everyone to live and enjoy themselves in this world.

My wife runs a pig farming business and recently took over the pig farming business.
My wife’s pig farm ships 100,000 pigs a year, which is a medium-sized pig farming business, but it took 40 years to start with 3 pigs and realize the number of pigs shipped.
The great thing about blockchain is that just six months after its release, about 50,000 digital pigs with wealth have been born, and breeding has already been achieved digitally at a pace that exceeds reality.

The largest pig farm in the world wants to make an effort to be called Good Track Three. (Laughs)
It’s hard to understand what you’re aiming for when you hear this much, but in other words, I want to make it a natural world for many people to have digital assets that have assets. The future of games is that the boundary between work and play disappears.

■ What blockchain games bring ■

When various technological innovations occur, there is some kind of “element” that is the basis of the idea.
In recent years, it is expected to be applied to the financial industry by taking advantage of the feature of blockchain technology that “it is difficult to falsify transaction data”. However, if blockchain technology did not exist in the first place, this idea itself would not have been born.
It may be near the day when Kuripu Pig will introduce blockchain technology to the world and become a monument to new ideas from technological innovation.

[Good Luck 3 Inc. Company Profile]

・ Company name: Good Luck 3 Inc.
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・ Established: February 2013
・ Office: 3-14-31 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Tenjin Linden Building 2F
・ Business: Blockchain product / service planning / development / operation, smartphone game, application planning / development / operation, video entertainment business

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