Mirai Media Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ken Hikasa, hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will start distributing the iOS version of “Mirai Media Challenge” on the App Store with the development of i-freak mobile Co., Ltd. I will inform you of that.

The Android version of “Future Media Challet” was released in June 2019, and the iOS version has also been released at the request of iPhone users.

■ Overview of Future Media Challet

The biggest feature is the chat function, and the chat function of the future media Challet facilitates the exchange of virtual currencies. It is possible to send and receive QR-coded wallet addresses between friends on chat. The Ethereum address can be QR-coded, and the QR code of the other party’s Ethereum address can be read on the terminal. By sending and receiving them via chat, you can exchange virtual currencies smoothly.

  1. Easily exchange virtual currencies
    The chat function of Future Media Challet eliminates the trouble of “sending the wallet address of the other party to your wallet”, which was necessary for conventional transactions. You can easily send and receive virtual currency.

  1. Chat function

The chat function of Future Media Challet makes it easy to send and receive text messages, voice messages, album images, etc.

  1. Information power unique to media companies
    Future Media operates a media site that handles the latest information on IT. Utilizing that information power, we will provide users with the latest information, useful information, various useful information, and articles that we have collected independently. In the Future Media Challet, you can browse all the information.

[Virtual currency management function / News viewing function through media site]
In addition to token management, it is equipped with a function that allows you to easily check transaction history and a function that allows you to view market charts in units of 24 hours / week / month / year. .. In addition, you can directly access media sites related to cryptocurrencies, so you can easily collect information related to cryptocurrencies.

[Safety and security functions]
In the future media Challet, the private key (private key) is stored in the customer’s terminal, so it will not be stored on our server at all. Since the customer has all the control rights to the assets, it is possible to reduce the risk of counterparty risk and the possibility of asset outflow due to server attacks to zero (*). * There is a risk of unauthorized programs being installed in the smartphone itself, bugs in the program itself, terminal theft, password leakage, handling of printed private keys, and leakage.
It is equipped with a private key export / import function in case the application is deleted by mistake, the terminal is damaged, or the model is changed. You can keep your important private key by yourself, such as copying it on paper or QR-coding it and printing it on paper, so that you can prepare for an emergency.

[Specific usage]
・ Cryptocurrency can be sent from the exchange and stored.
・ Cryptocurrency can be easily exchanged between individuals using the chat function.
・Can be used for payment at stores and EC sites.


* Supported OS: iPhone, iPod touch compatible iOS 9.0 or later

[Google Play]
* Supported OS: Android.4.4 or higher

■ What the future media Challet is aiming for
While combining the chat function and cryptocurrency trading, we will also provide users with carefully selected articles from future media. We are planning to add various functions that users can enjoy, including the implementation of the “timeline function”.

The “Timeline Function” to be added will carefully select and display articles of genres tailored to the user from the 30 media sites owned by Future Media. In addition, the user can select the media to be displayed.
* This application is a wallet application that manages virtual currencies. You cannot exchange fiat currencies for virtual currencies. As a company that handles virtual currencies for which legal development is urgently needed in Japan, we will thoroughly comply with laws and regulations and operate it so that users can handle it correctly and safely.
* Release time may change without notice.

[Future Media Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company Name Mirai Media Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Ken Hikasa
Established March 2018
Headquarters 3-13-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo BPR Residence Shibuya 1208
Business Description Media Site Operation Own Media Consulting
URL https: // mirai-media.net/

[I-FREEK Mobile Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name I-FREEK Mobile Co., Ltd.
(Tokyo Securities Exchange JASDAQ market listed securities code: 3845)
Representative Representative Director and President Ayami Uehara
Established June 2000
Headquarters Hakataekihigashi 2-5, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka No. 28 Hakata Kasei Building 4th Floor
(Tokyo Branch: Tokyo Branch: 2-1-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Gyoen Sky Building 10th Floor)
Business Details Mobile Content Business, Family Content Business, Content Creator Service Business, IP Business
URL https: // www.i-freek.co.jp/ (Corporate site)