“Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Exhibition” reproduces the five fields that appear in the series using art modeling, project mapping, and 4D production. This time at GAME MEDIA, we infiltrated the media preview, so we introduced some highlights.

Experience area

When you enter the B1F sensation area, you will be guided to a forest field where vegetation grows by the familiar “guest insect” at Monster Hunter World (MHW). In the experience area, not only images and sculptures, but also the “field smell” was realistically reproduced, and in the forest area, there was a refreshing smell. By illuminating the black light received before entry, you can find the “traces” of large monsters, so try to find them when you visit the venue.


In the field area that simulates the first forest, you can watch realistic images using the latest expression methods of large monsters that decorate packages such as “Rioleus”, “Narga Kuruga”, “Jin Ouga”, and “Goa Magara”.


The next area is an area where fields in the image of “volcano”, “desert” and “underwater” are spread out in all directions. Here you can experience the 360-degree projected images of monsters appearing in various areas. In addition to the territorial struggle between Diablos and Diablos subspecies, the territorial struggle between Brachidios and Nergigante, the appearances of Kuchardaora and Lagiacruz were also confirmed.

The area beyond that is a snowy mountain field, where you can experience the snowstorms and ground sounds caused by the “Tigarex” and “Iverkana” from “Monster Hunter World: Icebourne”. When the video ends, the front screen becomes transparent. A huge “Ivercana” appeared. I want you to visit this venue and see it with your own eyes.

In addition to monsters, there are other environmental creatures inside the venue, such as “Yorimichi rabbits” and “Ginseng monkeys.”


Exhibition Area

The exhibition area on the first floor displays a number of valuable materials that have not been released before. First of all, there is a large panel with all weapons of the successive series, entitled “The History of Weapons in the” Monster Hunter “Series”.

On the opposite side of the panel is a hunter equipment display corner where you can find equipment that was popular throughout the series, as well as full-size models of the latest Iverkana equipment. The equipment on display has been built into detailed parts, giving an atmosphere that could be used as actual armor. Some of them may have been used in the game.



Beyond that, there is the “Looking Back at Hunter Meal” section, which contains samples of “meat roasting” and “cat meal” essential for hunters. There’s a “meat griller” that you can sit and spin, and a panel about the history of hunter meals throughout the series.
In front of the panel is a food sample of the familiar “cat cattail”. Everything from the voluminousness of the whole thing to the details of the rice with a squeaky feel is felt, and you may feel hungry just by looking at it.


At the end of the hunter’s meal history display, you can see a monster size comparison chart that compares the size of the hunter with all the monsters that appeared in the latest work, MHW: Iceborn. There may be discoveries that you may not have thought of before, such as the monsters you care about are surprisingly small.

In the center of the exhibition area, the setting material of “contraindicated monsters” including the mysterious “Black Dragon Miraboreas”, one of the highlights of this event, has been released for the first time. In addition to “Black Dragon Miraboreas”, Miraboreas variants such as “Red Dragon” and “So Ryu” and setting materials for “Kurokuro Dragon Albatrion” were released. Also, opposite the setting material, a model is displayed for the first time inspired by the material “Black Dragon’s Evil Eye” that can be obtained when the “Black Dragon Miraboreas” is defeated.


In addition, “Black Dragon ART GALLERY” is also held at the same time as a linked project.
This is a different venue from the “Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Exhibition” and is being held at ” DUB GALLERY AKIHABARA (Room 216, 2nd Floor, 2nd East Building, 1-14 Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)”. You can experience the unique space woven by art by six contemporary artists and “Miraboreas”. If you are worried, check this out too.

This event, in which the appeal of Monster Hunter successive series and information that has not been released so far, will be revealed at once, should be unbearable for monster hunter lovers. The event is held until Tuesday, November 12, so be sure to join and experience the history of Monster Hunter 15 years.

“Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Exhibition” Coverage Video

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