This time, in “Monster Hunter Rise (Ver2.0)” (MH-Rise), we will introduce the topical slashing light equipment that can easily hunt almost all monsters within 5 minutes without player skill.

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In 1 Ver2.0, the rapid fire enhancement sticks in the slashing light!
2 Activation skill and commentary
3 Equipment introduction
4 Damage verification
5 Related articles
6 “Monster Hunter Rise” Product Overview
In Ver2.0, the rapid fire enhancement sticks in the slashing light!
Thanks to the “Ver2.0” update, the light bow gun “Oh Fang [Wild Thunder]” that can be made from Jinooga, which had been raging from the previous environment, has become so strong that it is rumored to be broken by the skill of rapid fire enhancement . ..

Baselgius, which goes well with you, can be easily defeated in about 3 minutes even solo, and is also suitable as a subjugation partner for the stone guard marathon.

Activation skill and commentary

・ Super-confidence Lv3
・ Weakness special effect Lv3
・ Bullet saving Lv3
・ Loading speed Lv3
・ Recoil reduction Lv3
・ Rapid fire enhancement Lv3
・ Power release
・Water attribute attack enhancement (bonus skill given to stone guard)
・ Flinch reduction Lv1 ( For multi!)


h3>Skill commentary



Until the previous version, there was equipment that gave skills to raise the consensus rate centered on attack power, but there is a tendency for a minority of users to hide shadows in penetrating light bow guns and make slashing light equipment. was.

In Ver2.0, since it has become possible to make strong ornaments , the number of users has increased explosively because it is possible to build a full range of equipment configurations that are greedy for skills centered on rapid fire enhancement Lv3 .

The slashing light is ideal for a stone lap marathon that uses the high-speed lap of Baselgius, and there is a stone lap report article that uses this equipment, so please take a look if you like.

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Equipment introduction

The equipment configuration is as shown in the image below.
[Weakness special effect Lv2 slot ①–] is used for the stone protection .

Armor configuration
This is an example of equipment configuration including ornaments.

List of necessary accessories
The accessories required for the equipment configuration introduced in this article are as follows.

Damage verification
With the equipment configuration introduced in this article, I aimed at the weak point (head) of Kakashi in the training ground and tried to verify the total damage for 1 reload (3 shots) with the fan movement activated.

The damage per shot is fairly high, and the effect of the slashing bullet is very pleasant!

While making a pleasant sound like rubbing a knife peculiar to a slashing bullet, it hit in multiple stages and recorded more than 800 damage in 3 shots of 1 reload.
Unlike the penetrating bullet, it explodes only at the place where the first bullet hits and hits in multiple stages, so if you hit the weak point firmly, it is possible to do damage more efficiently than the penetrating light, which is rumored to be the strongest.

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【モンハンライズ】 アップデート最新情報「Ver2.0」は4月28日(水)に配信!「モンスターハンター スペシャルプログラム 2021.4.27」まとめ

【モンハンライズ】同じ護石しか出ない “マカ錬金バグ” 公式が確認中。

【モンハンライズ】知らなかった人も!? 「フクズクの巣」からアイテムが手に入る!


【モンハンライズ】知ってた? 交易船が出港する様子が見れるんです。

“Monster Hunter Rise” Product Overview

Monster Hunter Rise
Release Date: Friday, March 26, 2021
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Hunting Action
Number of players: 1 (Communication play: up to 4)
CERO Rating: C

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