Niwakasoft Co., Ltd. announced that it has jointly established the RoboMaster Japan Committee through a business alliance to hold the next-generation robot contest “RoboMaster” in Japan.

RoboMaster is a tournament organized by the RoboMaster Committee based on the concept of “making engineers into heroes”, where student engineers (mainly university students) from all over the world gather and compete in team units.
In addition to the gameplay, it is a highly entertaining robot contest that anyone can enjoy, with realistic effects such as sound at the venue.

RoboMaster Official Website (English)

RoboMaster has begun to expand into the world with increasing popularity, Japan was selected as an important point for its overseas expansion, and Niwakasoft, the only participant from Japan, was selected as a partner.

Niwakasoft Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Satoshi Koga, ) and DJI ( http://www.dji ), a world leader in consumer drones and aerial photography technology With the RoboMaster Committee (Fukuoka City, China) operated by .com ), the next-generation robot contest “RoboMaster” will be held on June 26, 2019, with the aim of training young engineers. We formed a business alliance and jointly established the RoboMaster Japan Committee.

1. What is RoboMaster?

RoboMaster is a next-generation robot contest sponsored by the RoboMaster Committee, which combines the latest engineering technology, gameplay, and entertainment with the concept of “making an engineer a hero.” Student engineers (mainly university students) studying robotics, mechatronics, and science participate from all over the world and compete in team units. It is a highly entertaining robot contest that everyone can enjoy due to its popularity among young engineers, its gameplay, and realistic production such as sound at the venue.

RoboMaster Official Website (English)

The 2018 contest was attended by about 10,000 student engineers from 200 teams from around the world, including China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. The round was broadcast worldwide on and was watched by over 990,000 viewers from 30 countries.

Students will create five types of robots: infantry robots, hero robots, sentry robots, aerial robots, and engineer robots, and will fight in fields with obstacles. A wide variety of technologies are used, and robots that make full use of cutting-edge robotics technologies such as image recognition, autonomous driving, deep learning, network communication, and drones have been developed.

2. Background of the alliance

RoboMaster is becoming more popular in many countries and is beginning to expand globally. Japan was selected as an important point for overseas expansion, and Niwakasoft, the only participant from Japan, was selected as a partner. Niwakasoft manages and trains the “FUKUOKA NIWAKA” team and participated for the first time as a player from Japan in 2018. Although he participated in the race for the first time, he made a good fight with the 16th place in the best, and his ability to develop a strong team in a short period of time was highly evaluated, and it is expected that he will continue to produce strong teams in Japan.

In addition, due to work style reforms of teachers, lack of budget, lack of equipment and technical skills, it is not easy to prepare a learning environment for robot contests that require advanced technology at the current educational site. Through RoboMaster, which competes for cutting-edge technology, we aim to develop young engineers who can play an active role on the front lines of the world by preparing a place where students who want to learn but cannot learn can play an active role.

3. Outline of the alliance

The Japan Committee will hold a regional battle in Japan with a quota for participation in “RoboMaster 2020” to be held in 2020. We will carry out the following contents for the event.

Of Japan district game held and related event planning, operational
planning and management of the Japan Committee community site
recruitment of sponsor companies
strengthening and development of the Roster
and study meetings, seminars, events for improved technical capabilities
, players and Exchange business with support companies
・ Technical exchange support for young engineers in Japan and China

In the future, summer camp (Kitakyushu City) will be held at the end of August 2019, winter camp (undecided) at the end of November 2019, and Japan regional competition (Kitakyushu City) in March 2020. In September 2019, we plan to hold a “Japan-China Young Engineer Exchange Tour” in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China, where young engineers interact on the same theme.

RoboMaster Japan Committee Community Site


In addition, the Japan Committee will support students recruiting team sponsors and will also recruit sponsors for the Japan regional competition.

・ About Niwaka Soft

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