Top Ten Co., Ltd. released the top ten ranking sites in August .

Top ten “recommended content” images

The site provided by the company introduces articles in the form of ranking, award, and rating. The ranking will be the company’s staff ranking, the award will be the ranking by experts and celebrities, and the rating will be introduced in the ranking format based on the data.

This site is a so-called ranking site, but I would like to pay particular attention to the ranking format based on ratings.

Image of “Recommended for overseas travel! Top 10 World Heritage Sites

This article introduces the ranking of World Heritage Sites. It is a ranking that summarizes the total number of each country such as cultural heritage and natural heritage.
Looking at the top five countries, it can be said that the majority are Europeans, but looking at the top three, China is second, and the numbers can be said differently depending on the perspective. It can be said that what kind of thing is expressed depends on the person who conveys it.

It seems that we will release such original data and provide them as API, so I would like to check the trend of this site in the future.
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