Realization of computer technology that magically blends into life

Yoichi Ochiai, CEO of Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

Born September 16, 1987 Born
in Roppongi, Tokyo

■ Educational background
Graduated from Kaisei High School Graduated from
University of Tsukuba, School of Information Media Creation, Graduate
School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies , University of Tokyo

■ Affiliated
Pixie Dust Technologies Co., Ltd. CEO Assistant Professor,
University of Tsukuba Digital Nature Promotion Strategy Research Platform Representative Digital Nature Laboratory Associate Professor, Library and Information Media, JST CREST Cross Diversity Project Research Representative Others

■ Realization of Digital Nature The digital nature
advocated by Yoichi Ochiai is a world image of “a new natural environment reconstructed by the
affinity between computers and non-computer resources

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (PDT)
, of which Mr. Ochiai serves as CEO, advocates
the idea of ​​” building a software platform that coexists with humans and computers- renewal of industry, culture, and learning adapted to the computer age

Based on the vision (digital nature) of “people living in the environment formed by computers” instead of “using computers”,
we aim to develop computer technology that blends into our lives .

Today, familiar computers such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets usually
obtain visual information from displays and auditory information from speakers.
PDT is developing a new interface that connects this person to a computer.
It is a technology that uses sensors and AI technology to measure people by sound, light, and electromagnetic waves,
and conveys information from computers to people by waves.
That is the “HAGEN wave source” (wave control technology), and so far, plasma has been used
to depict images in the air, and ultrasonic waves have been used to place sound sources in the air.

We aim to solve social issues by handling multiple technologies in parallel with the core technology “HAGEN wave source” (wave control technology) .